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  1. Leeds university....

    Jesus, When I'm older I'm gonna go too leeds or Oxford!
  2. Bulbagarden! Chapter 12

    Another one hits the net. Another one hits the net. And another one hits, another one hits, another one hits the net. Go read.
  3. The First Step into Oblivion

    So, so, so! His Majesty's blog has been quite busy lately... but I am yet to make my introduction.

    I am ghaskan, The Pyre of Memory's host, although occasionally I may host other blogs, like I am doing now. I also like fancy tittles.

    When posting there, I will mostly talk about animals. The shark is an animal, totally! Also, I may sometimes post rants there, after all, these are the Ravings of a Royal Sharpedo and its assistants!

    So, let's get this ...
  4. Changing often...

    I am the type that gets bored easily with designs, or at least I've realized since I joined here.
    This has to be at least my fifth avatar, and hardly two months passed since I joined!

    But one thing is clear...

    As for blog and user page layout, I AM STICKING WITH THIS ONE.
    I've tried many others but this one seems to be the best.

    ...green's the best color! No doubt!
  5. If Black and White sell as well in Japan after American release...


    That'd be how many sold in a month and a half.