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  1. Twitter

    I have finally made a Twitter account.

    My username is CuboneAlpha.
  2. "Resiram, Zekurom, and Kyuurem"

    Just so that they all have seven letters, and I get to abuse different romanizations.

    I can do the same thing with some of the other legendary trios, with a different letter count:

    Fuaiah (Faiyah!)
    Sandaa (Thunder)
    Furiza (Freezer)

    Guraudon (Growdon)
    Kaioogaa (Kaiogre)
    Rekkuuza (Requaza)

    Deiaruga (Diarluga)
    Paarukia (Pearlkia)
    Giratina (Giratina)

    Reshiram (Resiram)
    Zekuromu ...
  3. Thank the Lord!

    I found some M&Ms in this house. I was about to go crazy.

    I don't have a problem.

    Honestly, I don't.
  4. I got rid of Sneasel

    ...and reverted to my old avatar. Just like I got bored of this, I got bored of Sneasel. Not in a Sneasel-y mood, y'know?

    Anyone support this change, and any new avatar ideas?
  5. I need YOUR help!

    To help me pick out who I'm gonna cosplay next! I always pick someone out during this time, and I always get mad when I decide by myself :P And this year, I'm gonna cosplay someone that isn't from Pokemon :O I've narrowed down my list from 30 to 4.....so please, help me :D

    First, we have Mao from Shining Wind: