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  1. Tell me your team!

    Showing off your team could inspire others or give you bragging rights!
  2. Advanceshipping

    Well long awaited i suppose, anyway here goes nothing!


    1. Ash and May are good friends- They have a better relationship than may and drew, and usually your best friend becomes your BF/GF, soooooo yea. Ash shows a lot of care towards May, and May returns the favor. Movie 9 is super obvious of this.

    2. The Terricota Ribbon- Deffinetly a hint, mainly because both of them have kept it since thier battle. Dawn seemed to think it was nice (Dawn the ...
  3. Ah, the Wonderful Clientele of Walmart Stores, Inc...

    I knew the moment I saw this that I had to blog about it somewhere...

    For those of you who don't know, I work for Walmart. On my way into the Store the other day, I noticed something which, try as I might, I just can't seem to erase from my memory - it's image is now too thoroughly ingrained in my mind. In one of the parking spots near the Store Entrance, I saw a white Lincoln - one of those early 2000 models that I always think is a Police car until I notice it doesn't have ...

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  4. Work

    I don't like work. But it's what let's me buy these games that I enjoy oh so much..

    But in the end...

    I don't like work..

    The end.
  5. Man, Epic Mickey is looking to be a disappointment. :(

    From quite possibly the most godly concept art ever to something that looks like an N64 game. It just doesn't look anywhere near as twisted as it should've (a redefinition/reboot of all we know to being darker). An old screenshot showed something like that, but it got changed.