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  1. Is it really true...

    that the offical English starter names are going to be revealed on Monday? God I hope so.
  2. Ruby: Normal run

    I play through Generation III a lot... and I mean a lot. I dropped $70 on Pokemon Box just to be able to save all of my Pokemon.

    Well, I've decided to do something differently... I'm going to go through the game with specific types... starting with the type!

    Normal is my favorite type of all. Some of my favorite Normal types are Kangaskhan, Aipom, Kecleon, Zangoose, and Ambipom. Obviously Ambipom is my favorite. ...
  3. Eeveelutions

    hi I'm back. I really love Eeveelutions. those are all the Pokemon Eevee can evolve into. i have no idea why i like them... my fave is Umbreon. which one do you like? post your answer in the comments
  4. *rolls around*

    Come ooooooon, just get it already! *flump*

    *context not provided*
  5. Thank god.

    by , 20th November 2010 at 11:47 AM (The Deep, The Everyday, The Random)
    This week is almost over. In half an hour, I will go to the closing ceremony of my school's anniversary at the theater.

    It's finally over. The crazy, inhuman schedule is behind me. Only normal classes from now on.

    Which is still stressful, but definitely not as much as this. I'm still so tired and not feeling really well.

    So, I'll be seeing everyone after the whole thing's over.

    Over. Sounds so nice.

    Updated 19th February 2011 at 11:13 AM by Kamex

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