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  1. Uncommon yet common dreams of Pokemon and being their Trainer...

    People who have a Pokemon game it is not uncommon for them to have dreams that have their own pokemon in them yet it is Uncommon to have a dream where your Pokemon show their true feelings toward you as their trainer...

    I have had dreams with my own pokemon getting really close to me but I have also had ones with the pokemon who hate me...

    Has anyone else had these common yet uncommon pokemon dreams?
  2. I cant walk...

    I am sleepy, its 00:43 am here. My foot's backside has a pulled mucsle. it happened yesterday when i was going to someone's house with my mom on the road as my left foot tripped over a hole like line structure. it seemed okay after a while, but today, when i said goodbye to kurumorru here, went to my tution, and while i put my hand on my foot, it started again til now.

    Ugh... i think ill change avatar soon. shall i?
  3. One thing I didn't like about Pokemon Emerald...

    They had these sprites

    for the dolls but they kept these

    Updated 29th November 2010 at 02:21 PM by Blazevoir

  4. Reviewing a random pokemon: Rayquaza

    I like this one...

    I Love the Plates on its snake-like body. Its a great beast to sprite but i dont like when its with snake on snake splices. I like the long- narrow tail's end. it looks somewhat like Flygon's. My favorite plates would be the long head ones and the middle ones. The markings are great, as well is the mouth. Overall, it has a great happy persnaloty. i love how he saves every pokemon he sees (what ...
  5. More nuzlocke stuff

    Main Chapters
    Chapter 21: Oaktober
    Chapter 22: Arceus
    Chapter 23: Pest Control
    Chapter 24: Revenge
    Chapter 25: Just a Spark
    Chapter 26: Book Smart
    Chapter 27: To Fight
    Chapter 28: Final Stand

    Chapter EX4: Halloween
    Chapter EX5: 11.22

    Yeah, Pearl is finished. Moving onto to Sapphire sometime in December. Can't wait to get my new tablet for Christmas, my current one is being so amazingly annoying ...
    Pearl (US) , NUZLOCKE!!