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  1. Platinum Nuzlocke: Chapter 1

    Turns out, I'm going to do my Nuzlocke on Platinum, instead of HeartGold. So, without further ado, Chapter one of the Platinum Nuzlocke.

    "Welcome to the world of Pokemon! My name is Rowan. However, everyone just calls me the Pokemon Professor. Before I go any further, is this your first adventure? If you need advice, I'm certainly capable of giving it."

    "Erm, no, thank you," I said. "I don't need any info."

    "This world ...
  2. Might do a Nuzlocke

    Hi, everyone! I though that I'd never, EVER make another blog again, but I guess I was wrong!

    Anyways, I've decided to try out a type of Nuzlocke challenge, with less rules than some. I'll be doing this with my HeartGold game Here's the rules I'l follow:

    If a Pokemon faints, it dies. The Pokemon must be left in the PC forever. (I'm not goint to release them because I plan to play the game normally if all of my Pokemon die.)

    You MAY catch more than one ...
  3. I got presents :D

    No, not early Christmas presents. I got presents because today it's Sinterklaas!

    I got mostly candy, such as chocolate and marzipan. I also got some "useful" presents (scarf and gloves). Not that much, but I get bigger presents for Christmas anyway. And every extra occasion for presents is a good one, right? ;P

    I hope that everyone else on this forum who celebrated it enjoyed it as well ^^
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  4. I think I angered the dream gods

    I keep having taunting dreams about love 'n stuff. It's pissing me off really, especially since most women around here are too old for me, terrible peopld, or both. And this dream even saw me making one good, due to excessive charisma amongst the kids.

    No wonder falling asleep last night was hard - part of me knows this shit's getting pulled.
  5. Silent House!

    by , 5th December 2010 at 03:27 PM (A Whole New World God Only Knows~♪ ♥)
    Looks like I'm alone again. this time they were kind enough to leave before I woke up.

    And I'm lonely again.

    FUCKIT! I'm gonna make cookies, make nachos, make chili dogs, and make my special sandwiches all for myself!

    And for the hel of it, I'll even work on a fanart entry for the Christmas contest, and I'll make it the best grayscale image ever! Unless I'm able to get photoshop from school.

    And I'll listen to my favorite bands too! iron ...