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  1. Guessing all English Pokémon names.

    Yeah, so my list isn't exactly complete yet, but I promise to edit it later.

    Italicized Text are temporary name guesses.

    Victini - Victiny- [Victory + Tiny]
    Janobii -Viprince/Prinsnake- [Viper + Prince; Prince + Snake]
    Jyarooda -Monarconda- [Monarch + Anaconda]
    Chaobuu -Celswine- [Celsius + Swine]
    Enbuoo -Hoglaze-
    Futachimaru ...
  2. Wow again @ WWE. Just wow again.


  3. Talk about Pokemon Obsession!

    talk about how obsessed I am about it!(not much really...just slightly)

    First of all,earlier at school,we had a test about the different gardening tools.I ALMOST got a perfect score when I just mispelled SCYTHE for CYTHE!
    cuz when we read about it,SCYTHER entered my mind!oh what a distraction!

    Next,I ALWAYS draw PokeSpe characters(female usually)(and Platinum and White) and Anime Pokemon as well(characters as well)

    My cellphone is FILLED with pokemon!!! ...

    Updated 7th January 2011 at 01:03 AM by Yuuki Asuna

  4. BDP: Bulbasaur-Raticate

    This is a blog series now dedicated to judging the artistic elements of every Pokémon, based on three general areas. Form will judge the visual details of a Pokémon, looking at it as a black and white object with imperfections, physical form, and beauty. Color is just that, judging how well-suited a Pokémon is to its colors and whether the different colors work together. Originality is fairly simple. Does the Pokémon stay too reminiscent of its inspiration? Does it look too familiar, with little ...

    Updated 15th October 2012 at 02:34 AM by Aviator Zero

  5. Change of Plans

    Excuse me if I'm not putting my full effort into this project, but life has gotten in the way, and will continue doing so. I will try to complete at least a few Pokémon per week, but don't hold your breath.
    Anyway, the change in plans is that the rating system has been changed. It was not fair to have two areas, Representation and Uniqueness, together, for they are inversely related. That is, while a Pokémon like Pidgey may have perfect Representation, its Uniqueness will certainly falter. ...