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  1. No longer a mod.

    Yeah, I'm not wearing dem sexy italics anymore. Why is that?

    Life in general has been distracting me from the Battle Center, which is where I was "stationed". In fact, life in general has been distracting me from the Internet as a whole. As you've probably noticed, I haven't even done a new Sapphire Nuzlocke episode in over two months! I've struggled with this decision for months, but I've ultimately decided to resign as a moderator, since I just couldn't devote enough attention ...
  2. Ripoffs of pokemon.

    Growlithemaster here, reporting for nothing!
    so today I was checking out pokemon stuff, to find shows that are total RIPOFFS!!!!!!
    I'm not going to list them due to the fact that they are sucky enough to the level where they do not deserve to be mentioned online. or anywhere else, for that matter.
    but I will say this... there is the exact same plot line in Pokemon, and Pokemon came first.
    Oh, well, gotta go!
    my sylveon is begging me for non-existent ...
  3. No more Mr. Cheep Cheep.

    I have this chicken who sat on a dozen eggs for three weeks. A couple days ago they hatched into healthy little baby chicks.

    Today I just checked them, and one was missing! My favorite little white one whose cheep sounds like a raspy little high pitched train whistle. He was by far the cutest, the one who didn't get a name yet.

    After about a half hour of searching and panicking, I finally found him on the concrete floor next door to the nest, dead. His fuzzy fuzz showed ...
  4. whew.

    by , 23rd June 2014 at 01:08 PM (My everlasting struggles with pokemon)
    I've made a dent into season 2 of MLP:FiM. I'm about 9 0r 10 episodes in. I need my brother to take like a week and a half vacation, so I can stay up long enoungh to least make it to the end of season 2. at the rate I was watching though, after a couple of days, I could get into season 4.

    I got a new DVD player for my room. I had one, but I left it on my desk so my brother could examine it, and my dog destroyed it trying to get a bouncy ball. Guess he screwed the pooch on my DVD ...
  5. Top 10 Hopes for Pokémon ORAS and the future of Pokémon

    Please this all my opinion so please don't go hulk on me, so here we go.

    #10-Emerald remake
    I know everyone wants this but the reason its so low on the list because we don't know if we are getting it, but if we are getting fans will think it would be call Delta Emerald but I think it should be call Beta Emerald.

    #9-More better character customization
    In X and Y all the girls got the most options for customizing characters and I do agree girls like fashion ...