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  1. I think my cat misses my bearded dragon

    He was sitting around where his tank was situated, as though he was looking for him. Pretty sad to see that happen, even if it is a bit cute. At the moment, he's under my bed...which he's actually been doing quite a bit in the days since Prism was just sick. Wonder why?
  2. Starting Online School Tomorrow...

    I'm apparently going to start online school tomorrow. Apparently there are some assignments that you have to do at a curtain time, and you can't do it earlier or later... Which really sucks for me, because I rather just do all of my work right when I get up so I'm done for the day, against having to do at a curtain time like 8:00 AM or 2:00 PM. It just makes me feel like, "Ugh, I still have stuff I need to do today.".

    Either way, I hope that the classes and assignments aren't ...
  3. Fully evolved Pokemon I wish didn't exist

    Was just thinking about it. The title isn't "evolutionary lines I wish didn't exist", for the record, it's exclusively about fully evolved Pokemon who have pre evos I'm totally okay with.


    I like Hariyama. For some reason. That said, Makuhita's design is much better, and if it was a fully evolved Pokemon I'd probably like it a lot more than I do now, and it's already my favorite fighting-type...I have ...

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  4. A Month of Outlaw Star: Fan Work Spotlight #5!


    "OS: All Through the Night" by jinglestan


    Know what time it is? It's time to begin another week of Outlaw Star Month! You better get ready!
    Fan Work Spotlight
  5. My Dream

    I was browsing through videos on Youtube and I found a commercial that I really liked. It was a commercial for 7UP from last year. the first time I saw it, I thought to myself, "I wanna do that!"

    Here's the video.

    I never forgot about it and I've also been looking for this video on Youtube because they do tend to upload commercials to youtube. Anyway, as a DJ, this is my dream, to have a party this ...