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  1. Stuff While I Was Gone

    Just a list of some of the more important things that happened while I went on vacation.

    • Zexy left.
    • Smogon decided to destroy my Hackmons teams with the new 510 EVs rule.
    • Ferguson riots.
    • I caught my first shiny without the Poke programmed to be shiny, which was a Gabite.

    So yeah. Those things happened. That is all.

    Updated 20th August 2014 at 08:49 PM by Flying Types Rule!

  2. I got sick of reading.

    Have you ever read The Help? I'll just skip explaining what it's about and say what's important: it's over 500 pages long. Not so bad, right? Not when you try to cram-read it within two days. Doing so literally made me ill.

    I figured I could read half one day, and finish the rest of it by the next. Well, the first 200 pages I made myself finish kept me from 9 in the evening til 3 in the morning. And the day following (which was yesterday), I had a packed afternoon; lunch with family, ...
  3. So nearly 22 hours later, and that thunderstorm is still a no-show.

    It did show up somewhere though, but got caught up on the mountains. Yeah. Nice job, weathermen. That aside, life hasn't been too exciting lately. Just watching Super Touhou Wars 3 get played and damn I want the soundtrack to be ripped or released already because it is amazing.
  4. Mako's advice for college freshmen

    by , 20th August 2014 at 01:00 PM (Musings of a Collegiate Caffeine Addict)
    So the topic of starting college came up in our staff forums and I wrote up a quick post for a couple of new freshmen on the staff and I realized that the advice I was given might also help any other users who might be starting college / university (I realize that not all the advice in this will work as well for non-US students, but the crux of it will).

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    Now for Mako's freshman year advice.

    1. If you haven't registered for classes yet (I fear this is too late),
  5. Playing the Pokemon TCG on VC

    ...And my gosh, the rules have changed A LOT since 2000.