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  1. Talk to me about stuff.

    by , 6th January 2014 at 07:40 PM (Snoozle's Adventures in Pokémon Land)
    Got exams and major projects for university coming up, so I'm in the mood for some distraction.

    Message me on Skype or here about anything you like; Inform me about something you have a "passion" for, discuss current news, tell me what you're up to in life, get to know me more, just have a conversation, or anything else you can think of.

    I have a quest for knowledge, but only knowledge that has absolutely no bearing or resemblance to what I am supposed to ...
  2. Oaky and his Froakie

    Greetings, friends! I've been told I should start blogging and an occurrence occurred that is, debatably, blog worthy.

    Actually, it's not that exciting but I received a cute little Froakie plush toy today. I'm pretty excited about it. Pictures to come. Stay tuned.
  3. My most popular blog posts of 2013

    I think I may have found them. Here are the top three:

    1.World's dumbest thieves (386 views)
    2. Chocola BB Sparkling (372 views)
    3. Pokedoge (351 views)

    I'm surprised the Chocola BB Sparkling post received so many views. You all must really dislike Vitamin Water and the like.
  4. New year update, or something.

    This is what people do for the new year, right?

    Today marks the first week of college classes for me. If you read my last blog, you know how I feel about college classes, but I feel like things might actually be different this time around. I've got two classes I'm genuinely interested in (Academic Writing and Stagecraft) and one class that has the potential to be interesting (World History), but only if the professor handles it correctly. That has yet to be seen. I've also got Philosophy, ...
  5. The Time of the Doctor review

    The Doctor is among thousands of aliens orbiting an unknown planet, from which a message that no one can translate is being broadcast continually across time and space. With the assistance of a modified Cyberman head nicknamed "Handles," which he uses as a personal assistant, the Doctor briefly visits two of these ships, before leaving to Earth to pick up Clara and briefly meeting her family. On returning, Handles identifies the planet as being Gallifrey, the lost planet of the Time Lords, ...