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  1. Score!

    So remember when I got Borderlands? Turns out, I got both the disc with the DLC on it and the voucher. Just netted my friend the extra content too!

    By the way, quick update on White: it's like I'm sucking at Pokemon all over again. I think I'm only up to Route 3, and I've fucked around so much in it. I think I've used pretty much every available Pokemon so far in some fashion, except for the fat guy with his own theme music. Took a while of enslaving Sychronizing dead fetuses, though. ...
  2. Orkin Men Are Racists!!!

    by , 26th March 2011 at 09:54 PM (A Whole New World God Only Knows~♪ ♥)
    So I'm watching Victorious, and that Orkin Man commercial witht he termite plays. And it's racist because the bad guy, the bugs, are always made to look like some minority in the end!

    Termites: One drives this pimped/tricked-out car at night with neon lights at the bottom.

    Ants: One drives a pickup truck in the end with 3 other ants in the back, then they speed up.

    Does anyone not see this? I never see the Orkin man help out an Afro-American, or a Vietnamese ...
  3. Dub is the greatest person ever.

    [10:38:57 PM] Edwob: Misty is a boy.
    [10:39:06 PM] Edwob: I will not take any other answer as correct.
    I expect the crazy fansto come in exactly 0.02 seconds and shout at me and/or shoot me.
  4. Let's take a stroll

    down memory lane.

    Oh look, normal sized font :|

    And by memory lane, I mean let's relive some of my past blogs :D

  5. Mistralton City, Strewn with Windblown Leaves

    I hate it when my computer gets a virus, especially when it happens a few days after spring break. Anyways, here is part 10!
    I enter Chargestone Cave, where two ninjas teleported and dragged me a few steps towards N. He asked me a question and noted that Ghetsis wants to see my power. After he leaves, I walked a bit to a blocked path, at which Bianca came and explained that the floating stones are movable. Professor Juniper also came and explained that she is researching on Klink. After that ...
    Pokemon White