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  1. Job Done

    So... I've completed my Pokemon breeding program. My four favourite Pokémon are ready and waiting... eager little level 1s with bags of potential ready to be transferred into Pokémon Y.

    All that's left to do is head on down to the eShop and...

  2. Zygarde is Pokèmon Z

    I cannot believe people really haven't seen this yet look at it before you battle it and it's a Z on its side.
    Pokémon talk
  3. Could Anyone Trade my Pokerus / Wanna Trade Friend Safari's?

    Please help a brother out. Got a lot of stuff I wanna do I just need some help :(
  4. Response to the censorship in Bravely Default

    So, Bravely Default has been censored for the US/EU release.

    I think that the biggest problem is that they made everyone 18-20 (from ~15), and there isn't any note of change in the dialogue besides the removal of inneudo, meaning they still sound ~15.

    The other problem is that I had to check a few times to see the difference in Edea's outfit, and I had to zoom in to notice that there was a difference in her top.

    Also, I've read the comments on IGN, and ...
  5. Why there are two breaks on New Year and not one in the Pokemon anime?

    Note before reading: This blog is only to explain the obvious thing that they dereased cost of the anime recently by various eways. I don't know what exatly happened. Some of the ways could not be 100% true.

    Question that I'm trying to answer now.

    In 2011, apparently the Pokemon Company 1) lose money, 2) gain money but not the desirated. I'm inclining for the latter option and I think that TPC is winning money in Japan in all dates except maybe the months prior to ...