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  1. My favorite group is touring again!

    It's so exciting!

    Family Force 5, one of my favorite musical groups, is going on tour again as part of the "We Won't Be Shaken" tour along with Building 429, Hawk Nelson, and more. Building 429 is pretty cool, but Family Force 5 is the main reason I'm going.

    Family Force 5, if you haven't heard of them, is a dance/rock group, and I absolutely love them. Normally I'm the metal-head who always listens to Death Metal, Metalcore, and the like; I make an exception ...
  2. Shiny

    Meet Barkley, the Hardy Beartic. And with him, I now have a box of 30 filled with shinies, plus my lucky charm, my special shiny buddy who I always carry with me.
  3. Sheesh. What was with the site yesterday?

    Or at least for a good period of time. The usual, I'm guessing? But nothing major has happened to draw it on. Er, right?
  4. My great-uncle passed away...

    He died earlier this week. I've only met him once or twice before, so I don't really know much about him. I do know he had a motorcycle, but that's about it.

    He was my grandfather's only remaining brother. The other, er, 3, I think--I'm not that aware of relatives outside aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents--have already perished. All five of his sisters are still around, but still. I can't imagine he's in good spirits right now.

    So anyways, I'll be attending ...
  5. I didn't die, I swear.

    It's just that a combination of midterms and X have consumed my time. So, I thought as well as show you my current team, the one I plan on using against the E4:

    (don't worry about levels, they're all about 57 or so)

    Cocoa the Chesnaught:
    -Item: Rocky Helmet
    -Ability: Overgrow
    -Spiky shield
    -Wood Hammer
    -Power-up Punch

    Bel-Air the Malamar:
    -Item: Expert Belt
    -Ability: Contrary
    -Foul Play
    Other crap