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  1. Meh, depressing dreams. :(

    by , 24th March 2014 at 03:29 PM
    Several years ago a family dog had to be put down for old age. He got to where all he would do was sit there. Wouldn't eat, couldn't see, and my Grandpa took care of him. Grandpa calls to tell us he was taking the dog to the vet but the vet suggests putting the dog down, that it'd be cruel to keep loving in this state. So, Grandpa has to drive the dogs body back, could barely see the road for the tears, and buries him.

    I could have been there, the drive only an hour away, but I couldn't ...
  2. So i'm back, everyone

    by , 24th March 2014 at 10:10 AM
    yeah... :I

    Uhm.... i dont really know what to say... except "Hello Everyone"

    year (or so) long hiatus... sorry bout that :I

    i lost my Pokemon Black version, but got Pokemon Y, so i gotta get all my favorite pokemon back from scratch...

    i also need a flawless ditto :I
  3. I hate phony pieces of crap.

    by , 24th March 2014 at 08:49 AM (The Live Wire)
    No context for you. Go away. Elaboration though: people who lie to try to bum money off others, act all sweet and innocent, but are really just phony, egotistical pieces of crap beneath the surface.
  4. Wi-fi hotspot issues in Sydney, Australia

    by , 24th March 2014 at 08:07 AM
    In November, I decided to try some online Pokémon trading for my Pokémon Y. To my great dismay, there are much fewer location for a 2/3DS-compatible Wi-Fi. I've been to a café right outside of downtown Sydney (Glebe, to be exact) trying to hook up my 2DS. For some stupid reason, my 2DS decided to hate the cafe's Wi-Fi and not connect. Another day, I decided to test the 2DS's Wi-Fi again at a pub right opposite side of the street, to a church that my friends and I go to. (Paramatta Road, right ...
  5. Pokémon White 2 Random Party Challenge Part 5 - Castelia Sewers

    by , 23rd March 2014 at 10:55 PM (Soso's Territory)
    Certainly been a while, hasn't it?

    To remind everyone, my party consists of:

    And you can find the first post explaining what this is here. ...