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    I've been chain fishing the whole afternoon, and I finnaly got it:

    A shiny Clauncher. In a primier ball. Not only that, I got her with a crit catch. I love ths game lol
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  2. What I need to do today

    1. Get rid of my stash of doujinshis (fan comic books)
    - I have no room. I'm going to keep only my absolute favorites with me, and the rest shall be recycled.

    2. Cleaning the bathroom
    - I should have done it at the start of this month, but I was occupied with other things. The curtain needs to get changing.

    3. Clean my room
    - I need boxes. Lots of boxes, and wrapping paper. Brown cardboard boxes are kinda dull, so I should cover them with wrapping paper. ...
  3. A modern Romeo and Juliet Part 2: Eelektrik Boogaloo

    Previously, we thought the romantic escapades of Allan and Nicole had come to a tragic end. Unfortunately for Allen, but fortunately for us, they are not.

    I present to you Part 2:

    Here is a link to Allan's profile because I followed him on Miiverse. He has quite the fanbase now.
  4. Just my luck. Mala Suerte

    by , 18th January 2014 at 07:45 PM (Bring it nature and other stuff.)
    I just got home from the Yu-gi-oh sneak peek in my area when I noticed my 3DS XL was missing. Why is fate so cruel? At least my friends whom I was with are looking for it.
  5. Anyone want to do the art for Galactico?

    Of course you don't have to if don't want to but I am looking for help with the region's art you contact me via private message so I can send you a copy of the region's Pokèdex and what the region's based on. I'm looking for a really good artist I am one myself but I cannot do everything by myself and I'm not looking at anyone in particular(I'm looking at you Fang-Tan) no one in particular.

    But if you don't want to do the art you can still help just put it in the comments below.