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  1. Late Thank You

    This is nearly a month late, but better late than never. I've been busy with schoolwork, trying to graduate and breeding on Pokemon Y so I've just logged in today.

    Thanks for all the birthday greetings! ;w;

    @HeavenBlade; (aw thank you congrats for the first greeting)
    @Dark Kyriaki; (you told me happy birthday twice not counting this VM xD)
    @Shiny Celebi; (thank you <3)
    Dolce ...
  2. The anime is getting bad TV rating in Japan.

    The anime is having one of the worst rating in the history.

    The rating of the first 4 airings are 5.3, 5.1, 4.6 or lower, 4.3 or lower. And this is in the mearly part of the saga, where ratings matter the most.

    We could do the calcs thiking that BW ratings

    We are talking that while BW have a 7.76 of average in the first 5 episodes, XY has a average rating of 4.9 at best.

    But with the Viola episode, it got a 4.3. Let's see other episodes ...

    Updated 16th November 2013 at 01:04 PM by Nymphia

  3. Possibility of Ash's Froakie evolving

    We never had any of Ash's Water Starters evolve even once. But Froakie might be a different case...

    If we look at the starter pokemons that evolved to their final stage under Ash's care, here are some features that they share with Froakie (some may be stretching and probably everyone else has them, but still).

  4. Top 10 Gen VI Pokemon and Megas!

    by , 16th November 2013 at 08:12 AM (Tussle, ruckus and kerfuffle.)
    I said I was going to steal it from jda95 and I have.

    Even though we were given a smaller amount of new Pokemon in XY, it was quite difficult to narrow it down to only 10 because we were treated with a pretty good selection overall despite the low number.

    All animated sprites are from here: Sprites de Pokémon » Pokémon X y Pokémon Y - Pokémon Paraíso So credit to them.

  5. The Night of the Doctor review

    So, it's been broadcast. But what happened? This is a big spoiler, you have been warned.