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  1. My New Favorite Pokemon


    I was not that amazed when it was revealed as Oorotto, mostly because I thought it would be single like Sudowoodo. Later on, I liked the idea of a Ghost/Grass type (especially because Gardenia was so freaking scared!).

    And finally, I checked Phantump's Pokemon Y Pokedex entry... Wow!
    Far better than the fellow tree Sudowoodo. Far better than the fellow "human" Cofagrigus. Far better than that obese pumpkin Gourgeist! And even available in ...
  2. Whoo! So Many X Shinies!

    Last night, I got a bizarre stroke of luck. I encountered a shiny Audino, and about two hours later, a shiny Tangela with his hidden ability. :3

    My dad was watching a show on his laptop at 3 AM this morning and woke me up, so I decided I'd search for a shiny Quilladin.

    I caught the little fucker at 4:00 AM this morning. I'm so happy I got a birthday shiny. :3 I've been wanting that one ever since I have seen a picture of it. I've grown to like Quilladin a whole lot, so ...

    Updated 14th January 2014 at 07:14 AM by Mayfly

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  3. Finally! Events

    I live in the Philippines, and for a really long time, the only way I can get events is trading online and waiting for WIFI events. Last weekend, the Philippines finally got it's own local event, the Movie Mewtwo with hidden ability. I was not around so I asked my brother to get it for me. I have not received it from the delivery man yet though since I'm trying to RNG it to be flawless. The only problem is that I've been searching for a seed for 7 hours already and nothing is coming up. Really glad ...
  4. So I started watching DaganRonpa...

    because I noticed several people here enjoyed it. Honestly, I'm not sure whether I should enjoy it or fear it. WHY HAVE YOU CORRUPTED ME! THE NOODLES ARE A LIE! ALL THERE IS IS MURDER AND SUDDENLY PHOENIX WRIGHT OUT OF NOWHERE.

    Yeh, it's wierd... I'm going to go get some brain-bleach now :P
  5. I really hope Atlus' announcement on the 24th is Persona 5

    It is been five years since Persona 4. Atlus pls.