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  1. Had an Idea for a New Type of Battle Facility

    I was discussing ORAS and Hoenn's Battle Frontier on Pokebeach, and I was thinking about how wild Pokemon show up in some of the battle facilities that aren't catchable. So that got me thinking, what if we COULD catch Pokemon in a battle facility? So with that, I came up with an idea for how that could work.

    I call it the Battle Park, it would work somewhat like a Safari Zone/Friend Safari and a battle facility in one. First, you would be sent into a Safari Zone type place where you ...
  2. What is the correct/proper response to

    Someone who you feel is trying to bullshit, play, and/or use you? Particularly if you have definitive proof of it, Also factor in the...somewhat less than stable mental state of this individual when it comes to making mistakes and whatnot.
  3. Guess what I'm fangirling over (again).

    File:N Braviary.png - Bulbagarden Archives
    These two. Aw yeah.

    I've finally seen two episodes of the anime that have N in them, and what can I say? I'm still a crazy fangirl, same as 2011. It kind of seems the writers decided to downplay his "creepy stalker" aspect and emphasize on his more amicable traits. I'm fine with that... although I'm a bit bothered by his voice. It doesn't sound bad, but a noticeable characteristic video game N had was a tendency to ...

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  4. Hooray, I have special Pokémon!

    So lately I've been derping around on Facebook a lot. To those of you that don't know, there are a lot of pages on Facebook for Pokémon fans to Like, and people will tend to just talk about random Pokémon stuff or whatever. Sometimes, they like to do little Pokémon giveaways to people, giving away stuff like shinies and competitive-bred Pokémon and whatnot. So sometimes I enter in these in hopes that I'll get something awesome. One of the giveaways I entered was actually a contest to people ...
  5. 600 Pokemon caught for the National Pokedex-XY!

    Finally made it to 600 Pokémon. I've never thought this would be possible, but, yes, I made it! The countdown is nigh!

    Here is my progress so far. Note that I am not counting event legendaries nor form variations unless otherwise noted.

    Kanto: Recorded all except Mewtwo, and 4-5 that I need to evolve (Dewgong, Muk, Clefable, Persian).
    Johto: Recorded most, with the exception of Ho-Oh, Lugia, Suicune, Entei, Raikou. Also got Celebi.
    Hoenn: Possibly recorded ...

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