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  1. The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

    Just a little insight into me IRL...

    My high school is putting on a -cleaner- version of the musical Sweeney Todd this spring. And.....I'm playing clarinet in the pit orchestra! :D So that's pretty cool I guess.

    I'm very happy for this opportunity; the music is challenging, and I've always wanted to be involved in theater in some way (but I'm terrible at acting).

    *leaves out the part where he says he knows nothing about the musical at all, not even the ...
  2. PSA: Pay attention during horde battles

    I was doing some EV training late at night and I was pretty much on auto-pilot mode:
    1) use Sweet Scent
    2) hear lead Pokemon's cry -> check if horde Pokemon gives proper EVs
    3) press A repeatedly (lead Pokemon has Earthquake/Surf/etc as first move)
    4) Repeat.

    Then all of a sudden I hear *sparkle* and realize that there was a shiny in the horde!

    Updated 23rd February 2015 at 06:38 PM by sharkshocker

  3. Should Paul return in XY?

    I think he should get a return sometime in XY. We've had Gary make some appearances after he was written off after the OS, so why can't the other main rivals like Paul, or even Trip appear again after they were written off?
  4. Awww yeah! Snow day!

    Okay, more like an ice day, since we got a lot of freezing rain and such, but still. I finally have time to write something!
  5. Battling Association

    I been watching multiple poketubers who participate in these. If you have ever watched sports or played sports video games then you would most likely understand this. This kind of pokemon battling is where you draft X amount of pokemon on your team. It is better on wifi so like a ORAS battle because of the new megas. I would like to make one.

    Example Association:

    32 people league(including creator).
    A 20 battle season. Schedule is randomly assigned
    1 ...