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  1. Got Another Shiny A Day Later

    Jesus Christ. So after I caught that shiny Toxicroak last night, I went back to that Friend Safari because I'm trying to get a HA Garbodor. And in that exact same Friend Safari area a day later, I got another shiny, this time a shiny Gloom. Two shinies within a day in that same Friend Safari area, and I still haven't found that HA Garbodor. Either I'm extraordinarily lucky, or is this the increased shiny encounter ratio at work.
  2. Best quote ever.

    Never thought I'd hear this from a college professor, at least not at the school I go to.

    "The baton rushed upwards with about 600 lbs of force pulling it up. One of the students, in an futile attempt to stop it, grabbed onto the rope. That student then promptly became gravity's bitch."

    On the outside I just nodded in understanding, on the inside I was rolling on the floor laughing. I don't even know why, I just found that incredibly hilarious.
  3. I used to be so young

    Who remembers the youthful me with no worries

    The youthful me who only loved pokemon with no regrets

    The youthful me who wanted to support Advanceshipping for the rest of my life

    The youthful me who didn't know what the hell I was doing while I role played with friends

    Why have I been on here for 5 years

    I don't even know all the Pokemon anymore

    Ash's new eyes still scare me

    wtf am I writing. ...
  4. I Was Hoping To Get Some Writing Done This Weekend...

    but One Piece has made that impossible for me. I just finished episode 86, and ugh... Chopper's story. x_x I'm a sucker for stories like that. He's super cute though, and I can't wait until he finally joins.

    Anyways, I do have a five day break coming up, so I can hopefully get chapter three out then, or I'll just watch more One Piece. Not really sure; I'm enjoying the show too much!
  5. X Shiny Number Nineteen!

    No. I'm not pulling anyone's leg. I ended up with three shinies in one day for the third time.

    She is the one I spent all day hunting for, and quite honestly, since I obtained two others along the way, it's totally worth it.

    This is Jade. She was ...

    Updated 14th January 2014 at 07:08 AM by Eleven

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