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  1. Pokemon Sage

    *Note: Text added after realization that text was missing*

    I've recently been quite interested in a fanmade pokemon game called Pokemon Sage, which is currently in it's beta stage. if you haven't heard about it, i recommend looking it up, as the amount of pokemon in it is astounding :)

    for example, there is a potted plant monstrosity[/URL], a much better chameleon pokemon, and, my personal favorite, a rainbow serpent, and the starters are just as cool :)

    So ...

    Updated 25th July 2014 at 06:49 AM by Dan

  2. Theory: Diancie's relation to Mega Stones/Key Stones.

    There have been some…”hints” - let’s call them (or more like, I consider them to be hints which may be completely wrong) from various sources and they all seem point to Diancie’s somewhat special connection to Mega Stones.

    I first had this hunch when I saw the Anistar Sundial which strangely reminded me of Diancie’s diamonds:

  3. Advertisement for my new group based on games by Paradox Studios

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  4. TPP Blaze Black 2 is about to fight Iris

    They're in excellent shape. We in there. This could be it. I doubted they could handle this hack...but they've gone and surprised me. Completely making this game their bitch. Let's see what happens!!

    EDIT: They were in there. Then ded to Haxorus because used Full Heal.

    Updated 21st July 2014 at 12:30 PM by System Error

  5. i actually exist i guess

    uh well

    i'm alive

    i don't even remember the last time i posted but i would like everyone to be aware that i live in the mountains with the only wi-fi coming from an incredibly unreliable lodge's wi-fi that shuts down at random and occasionally takes ten minutes to load one page. also no phone signal. i know. i'm living the dream.

    when i'm not on the clock, the government computers let me access my tumblr dash and not here or skype (categorized under "games" ...