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  1. Top 11 Rainbow Roads in Mario Kart.

    I have been playing a lot MK8 and I am loving it. With 11 Rainbow Roads (including the remade Rainbow Roads) I went to replay them all to see which is my favourite.

    I won't be counting Rainbow Coaster or Rainbow Downhill from the Arcades as I never got that far in Arcade GP 2
    I will be including Super Circuits incarnation of SNES RR, MK7s incarnation of SNES RR and MK8s incarnation of N64 RR as well.
    After playing all the MKs again my opinion on these tracks ...

    Updated 30th June 2014 at 12:14 AM by White Yoshi

  2. Pokémon Special Game Challenge - Part Four

    Rules by @Midorikawa;
    Trainer Life
  3. So I guess I'm watching anime again?

    The last anime I watched religiously was Wedding Peach in the mid-2000s. At that point I wasn't too hip on the whole online streaming business, so I only watched episodes through my cable provider's on-demand service. Unfortunately they only had the first 20-ish episodes available (there are 50+ total eps), but I watched them over and over because it gave me my fix for some magical girl-genre goodness. After that, I never really got back into anime-watching--there was an occasional Pokémon episode ...
  4. Damn it Pokemon X and Y!

    by , 29th June 2014 at 04:42 PM (Where the mortals write their blogs.)
    It came upon me while I was in slumber and stole HG/SS's rightful place as my favourite Pokemon game. But why? It has so many flaws! Poor post game, little to do, leap back on story telling and sloppy character development and hardly any new legendaries added or even to catch!

    But for some reason it is possibly my favourite Pokemon game. Why? Well... here's why:

    -It motivated me to complete the national dex after 7 years of playing Pokemon.
    -The easyness to an ...
  5. Really, a boycott?

    Do you know of a member called @Solayoh;? If you've seen one of his posts recently, you'll notice his user title is "Boycotting Nintendo!!!", and his sig has a picture of Zelda Williams with a caption that says "International Trolling champion 2014: Zelda Williams and her Majora's mask at E3"

    I'm telling you all this because I was reading the (now closed) E3 2014 discussion thread and I saw this:

    I really like the fact Zelda Williams