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  1. End of Summer

    Most people consider the end of summer as Labor Day but here in Wisconsin, it seems to come a bit earlier than that. Already some of the leaves are changing color and have been for the last few weeks. Even today, the temperature is autumn-like and the sky clear, like an early fall day. Summer is drawing to an end.

    Tomorrow, i start my new job at Target. I'll be cashiering, as I was at Walmart but this is a different store and a different set-up. I don't know Target's policies too ...
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  2. Pokemon #666

    by , 2nd September 2014 at 01:48 PM (Where the mortals write their blogs.)
    Yes I am late for this, but who cares!
    For years fan speculated what the Pokemon of the dex number '666' would be like, some horror, ghost type or something unthinkable!

    And we get a cute looking butterfly.
    It does live up to its number of being 666 because if you chose to obtain each pattern... you must travel through Hell to get it!

    Ok I shall take my leave.
  3. I started picking up my TCG cards after a long 2 years.

    I used to collect a huge amount of Pokemon TCG cards. I never played the game properly. I just collect them, muck around with them, trade with friends and play using the more simpler rule (we basically did it because we wanted Pokemon battles but Handhelds were banned at school). Where we just chose 6 Pokemon cards and had a little battle, ignoring the effects of moves, evolution requirements and requirements of energy's. It was great though I kinda OP everyone (it was so simple the game was unbalanced ...
  4. What were you doing when hoenn was confirmed, what was your reaction?

    I got home from school that day and got onto bulbagarden, I had been going on about the remakes since I got back into pokemon after x/y came out, so when I see a thread in the video games section talking about the remakes box arts I was like,"alright lets see what fake box art they drew up this time" nad clicked on it expecting the guy to be bashed, No one was saying anything against it, Then I went "omg is it? No if its not on serbii its not... and its on serbii..." I had to ...
  5. I still update this, wow.

    Hi, guys. I'm doing alright I guess. There's about 2 days before school starts but it's ok. I go to a very small private school for people with emotional issues.

    I'm doing ok with self harm and my suicidal tendencies. In fact I haven't self harmed in almost 2 months and I haven't tried to kill myself since last November.

    I guess I'd just let you guys know how I'm doing. So yeah. Hi.