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  1. Two things I want in Pokemon

    1. You have to start with a Geodude. Why? I do not know except it is a Geodude. Or maybe you have to start with no Pokemon and sit there and stare at your TV while Mr. Mimes steal your pots and pans. Totally hate mimes.

    2. You can choose who to be friends with. That means no Cheren, Bianca, Hugh, well everyone but Blue. Blue and I would be tight like platonic relationship. Then we will send Professor Oak into a retirement home.

    3. Cant I steal a fishing rod from a fisherman? ...
  2. Ice-type Reviews - Generation 6

    It’s currently Generation 6, which means we have new Ice-types! This time around, we have quite a few, as with most types, due to the lower amount of Pokémon introduced in this Generation. It’s not too hot that there are few of them, but we will have to make do with what we have. If you are ready, let’s move on.

    Amaura & Aurorus

    Reviews , Ice Entries
  3. Completed the Normal-type Reviews!

    It's my 200th blog, and I happily announce that I've completed my Normal-type Reviews series!

    Currently, they are currently scheduled on Pokemon Crossroads. I would also like to publish here, but the problem is, I haven't finish uploading my Ice-type Reviews series. Do y'all want the Ice-type articles to be finished uploading first, or should I go ahead an publish the Normal-type series while interspersing the Ice-type articles between them?

    Thanks for reading.
  4. Sometimes, work sucks.

    When you have somebody at work in another department who gets on your case for doing something RIGHT. Lady, it's not my fault that you have this tiny little pet peeve that's not even worth getting all worked up over.
  5. I have returned.... Again.

    So.... I'm back..... again......

    I wasn't really as back as I thought I would be last time, but I'm pretty sure that I'm actually back now.

    But I will NOT be opening up a request shop again
    I think the root of most of my problems here is that I open up the shop, get one two many requests and feel swamped, then I feel useless, and then I just fade, so I'm going to ignore that ;)