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  1. PlayStation Vita TV

    While looking on Wikipedia to see if the PlayStation Vita was outsold by the PSP*, I found out about this. If you don't like clicking links, it's the title of the blog, and it does exactly what it sound like it does. Apparently, it can let you play PlayStation Portable games and PSX games on the big screen, which is...great, I guess? Never mind that this is at least the third time you could play PSX games on a TV.

    Functionally, it appears to be the exact same as a PlayStation Vita. ...
  2. Italian Region FakeDex: Incorporating Mega Pokemon in Generation VII

    To go along with my blogs about my idea for Generation VII, "Sun and Moon Version" taking place within the Italian-inspired Region of Shisa, here's a general idea of how I think Mega Pokemon could be incorporated into Generation VII.

    Mega Pokemon

    In Generation VII, Gen I-VI Pokemon would acquire new Mega Evolutions, around 25 or so (excluding Events), in addition to the likely new Mega Pokemon we'll see in future Gen VI games. Mega Evolutions play a smaller ...
  3. Why can't I find a shiny Pokèmon Song

    Why can't I find a shiny Pokèmon, why why why can't I find one I just want one just one shiny Pokèmon.

    (Song speed up in next segment)

    Soooo why can't I find a shiny Pokèmon, if I get Pokèmon with Pokèrus so why can't I get the Pokèmon that sparkles a shiny Pokèmon. Why does everyone I know who plays Pokèmon can get a shiny Pokèmon it's like cursed soon the Heartgold's red gyarados will be blue.

    I just don't know why why don't know why I just ...

    Updated 3rd January 2014 at 10:17 PM by FireBlader15

    Spiritual Flare
  4. Job Done

    So... I've completed my Pokemon breeding program. My four favourite Pokémon are ready and waiting... eager little level 1s with bags of potential ready to be transferred into Pokémon Y.

    All that's left to do is head on down to the eShop and...

  5. Zygarde is Pokèmon Z

    I cannot believe people really haven't seen this yet look at it before you battle it and it's a Z on its side.
    Pokémon talk