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  1. A new take on Therian formes

    There's a lot of debate about what are the Therian forms of the Forces of Nature trio based on. And I think the answer is pretty simple.

    Their mythology it's pretty clear: Tornadus represents the sky, Landorus represents the ground and Thundurus represents the thunder, this is what connects the sky and the ground. Then, why isn't Thundurus the leader? The Pokedex entries answer this in a straightfoward way: Thundurus and Tornadus like to create natural disasters and storms around ...
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  2. Lyslamdre

    Are you one of the many Pokemon fans who played X or Y? Didi you ever wish Lysandre, the boss of Team Flare, had a better theme than just a remixed grunt song?! Wish no longer! Youtube presents... LYSLAMDRE!!!

    I am so sorry.
  3. Big Halloween pet-peeve of mine.

    I didn't do this last night because I'm an idiot I didn't think of this,but I best just do it know to get it over with.

    I SWEAR I HATE THOSE IMPATIENT KIDS WHO REPEATEDLY RING THE DOOR BELL/KNOCK.I know what you're going to say:"They're just kids.It's a honest mistake." or something like that.But it drives my dog NUTS.Freaking CRAZY.Like RUN UP THE WALL crazy.I can never to get her to shut up long enough to get a sentence out.I HATE it when my dog goes nuts like that.One,it's ...
  4. Top 10 Pokémon Battle Themes

    One of the best things about Pokémon is that the soundtrack for the battles tend to be amazing and really make the experience all that better. So I decided to make a top 10 of my favorite battle themes across the series:

    #10:Giratina's Battle - Platinum - Well isn't this creepy, but considering who this theme belongs to, it's all but fitting. It's very intense as you're going against a terrifying legendary Pokémon while being in its warped home dimension. The song fits the mood perfectly, ...
  5. That feel when you cosplay as Reisen from Touhou for Halloween

    And actually get recognized by someone. Even if it is a bit of a discount getup. Was not expecting that. Holy shit. People liked the bunny ears in any case.

    There was also a shiny Umbreon among the group that recognized me, which was cool.

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