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  1. Darn!

    by , 18th October 2013 at 09:11 PM (Zaki's Humble Abode)
    I have some bad news for you,

    My friend Frank has gotten a bad ankle sprain on Wednesday after tripping on a hole. I think it's second-degree - he's having trouble walking.

    Frank had to stay home Thursday and Friday. He managed to get an ankle brace. Unfortunately, Frank is going to have this brace for the next seven or eight weeks. I figured that I'll help him walk. He does have crutches, though. To be nice, on Friday I traded him a Spritzee (nicknamed Beak) holding ...
    Ramblings , Bad News
  2. Why is nothing going like i planned for the holidays?

    by , 18th October 2013 at 07:32 PM
    I love the holidays (some more than others), and i've tried my best to put myself in the spirit for them. In February, i try to put myself in the Valentine's Day/Black History Month mood, in March, April, June and July, I'm all about St. Patrick's day, Easter, Summer Vacation/Father's Day/Graduation and the Fourth of July. In October, November and December, I try to put myself in Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Holiday season mode.

    But in recent years, whenever i try to put myself ...
  3. Shiny Shinx is BACK!

    by , 18th October 2013 at 06:48 PM
    I haven't really gone on the fourms to much over the last couple of months, because of the whole entire thing of X and Y speculation and stuff on here. I sorta was in the whole thread about the "Is there going to be a new Type or changes to the Type Chart", and eventually, the whole speculation was just to much for me to handle, so I basically got off Bulbagarden until Pokemon X and Y was released. I did get on every once and while though to talk to people on the fourms, but not much as ...
  4. out of all of the hot new xy characters

    by , 18th October 2013 at 06:23 PM (Form Goldy herself.)
    the one I got the biggest crush on is clemont
    fucking clemont
    C L E M O N T

    also my bday's in 8 days give me $$$$cash$$$
  5. XY has started. My opinion on it until now

    by , 18th October 2013 at 03:16 PM
    As you know, thw first 2 episode has been aired. I will get through its parts:

    The first, the thing that I like until now:
    -Ash Ketchum. In general.
    -I like his team so far, although the bird again is a bit annoying. Piakchu appears to be strong from the start while Froakie appears to be very fast, something good by Ash's standards.
    -I like that Ash hasn't been reset this region. In BW Ash's reset was very annoying (levels doesn't exist in the anime, but Snivy ...