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  1. What I Hope For A Possible X2/Y2/Z

    All in all, I could see a sequel set a year or two later where your Player Character from X/Y is now the Champion and is investigating goings on in a distant region (hinting at the Strange Souvenir region of Gen. 7) and two more player characters are introduced from Vaniville Town. Then from there, the storyline is similar to Pokémon Adventures. The XY legends tear Vaniville to shreds, and you are rescued by Shauna, Tierno and Trevor, now extremely powerful and famous trainers in their own right. ...

    Updated 27th May 2015 at 11:58 AM by BlackButterfree

  2. Just some more news...

    I've been keeping in touch with Ashley. He said the flight to India went smoothly. He said that it was nighttime once he got to the hotel in Bangalore, so he went to bed as soon as his family was settled in. Ashley's been enjoying India so far. He's been taking lots of pictures and visiting lots of different places. He said he also really loves the food!

    As for me, I've been doing okay. I had to go to the doctor today. It was literally a nightmare - I was waiting in the waiting room ...
  3. A New Shuffle Update

    The first big patch to Shuffle has just been released. You have to download the patch if you wish to play online.

    So far it seems to do the following:
    - Shows your Pokemon's EXP when you select it in the Optimize menu.
    - Prevents you from accessing the home menu during timed stages.
    - Makes it easier to catch a Pokemon that you have failed to catch previously.
    - Blocks the Great Ball glitch.

    Important features:
    -You can sometimes

    Updated 26th May 2015 at 11:40 PM by Ampharos King

  4. do you ever eat food and seriously regret it later

    Well, I'm sure most of you have, but that's not necessarily what I want to talk about.

    So I ate some gross but easy to make food earlier today, and now my stomach just feels... violated. I wanted to throw it up afterwards but didn't, and I had to get the taste out of my mouth with water and dry foods, which mostly worked, but my stomach just feels like a waste bin now. ._. Oh well. Normally I try to cook decent food, but tonight there wasn't much to eat and I was feeling pretty lazy. ...
    Life of Life
  5. No more dishwasher

    Our dishwasher broke, and thanks to the store selling so many because of a Memorial Day sale, we won't be getting a new one for two weeks. Yet another result of the house's shoddy plumbing strikes again. We'll be hand-washing everything until then. I wonder what water thing will break next... will the water heater explode? Will a pipe just spontaneously burst? Will yet another upstairs toilet gush water and soak the roof through? They say I'm negative, but those are all possibilities and the last ...