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  1. Battle Team & so many pokemon

    by , Yesterday at 11:55 AM
    I decided to make a kinda competitive team that recreates Cynthia's DPPt team in my Y version, so i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for EV/IV spreads and movesets :3

    IV breeding for 6IV pokemon is so annoying sometimes, because i just keep getting very unlucky with the RNG. like, i think i filled 4 boxes with [REDACTED] Tynamo!

    oh, if anyone wants a tynamo, just ask :p
  2. Updates on life

    by , Yesterday at 09:14 AM (The blog of the everchanging things)
    -Breeding for a shiny ralts
    Looking for fire and dark friend safaris


    My stupid teacher is having my class learn ALL the elements of the damn periodic table
  3. So, I beat FF4 from start to Z-EG with just solo Palom

    by , Yesterday at 06:55 AM (The Live Wire)
    Check it out here if you want to read my exploits (and go to Page 44 if you want to read more of my exploits). I'd transfer it over and do it here, but 20 image limit to a blog, bleh. Kind of a pain in the ass. Can't be helped, though.

    Going to try it with all the characters I haven't seen it tried with. So all but Cecil and Kain.
  4. Hosting Friend Auditions (apply within)

    by , Yesterday at 04:29 AM
    I'm feeling kinda lonely so I decided that I'm going to recruit some friends around here. Now you can't be poor or ugly but other than that I'm fairly open-minded. So if applicable please explain in 25 words or less why you think you deserve to be a part of my social circle.
  5. 200 Wifi Wins!

    by , Yesterday at 04:14 AM (The Winter's Tale)

    So today I managed to clinch my 200th victory on the battle spot. It's certainly been very fun (and exhausting!) attempting to beat my way through droves of Talonflame, Rotom-W and Mega-Kangaskhan.

    I thought I'd share some of Pokemon that I really enjoyed using on wifi, which might be worth a try if you're looking to use something different. While I have a competitive background, on wifi I prefer to use my favourite pokes and any strategies ...