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  1. One Down...

    Eight nine days to go.

    I survived my first day at Subway with my sanity in tact. No, this isn't a great job but it's a paycheck and that's what counts.

    I can hardly wait until the Aldi or the Costco which are going up in my local area to start accepting applications, though. Until then, I'll just keep slogging onward.
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  2. A Month of Outlaw Star: Fan Work Spotlight #10!



    "Aisha Collab" by byakko

    For today's tribute as part of the ongoing month of Outlaw Star, I bring to you a piece of fan art featuring the strong, fierce, proud, and quick to anger but clownish member of the Ctarl-Ctarl Empire: Aisha Clan-Clan!

    Admittedly, I was trying to decide between this picture and a certain demotivational poster that I found ...
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  3. Huh, MK8 is on-sale at the eshop

    This would be good for me if Wii U 2015 wasn't already dead in a channel I go to, now it's much in the same state as it was before for me. Still, there's also Metroid Prime Trilogy, which could be a thing. Shame I missed Punch-Out since the go-to-date meant it ended today, though.
  4. Am I a jerk?

    I was on my way to class right now when I was stopped by a student who was part of a non-profit organization for victims of Malaria in Africa. She told me all this stuff about how it affects the children in Africa and she asked me for a donation. I was going to give a donation in my name, but then, when I pulled out my wallet, I realized I only brought enough cash with me for a cup of coffee.

    Am I a jerk? Because I sure felt like one when I pulled out my wallet and saw nothing. I ...
  5. A friend of mine asked me an interesting question today...

    And I'm not quite sure how to answer it. We were talking about all the tv shows that we used to watch when we were younger, and one of 'em that came up was Danny Phantom. Then, my friend asks me this: "Is that show considered either science fiction, occult, or both?" The reason I'm perplexed about this question is because whenever I think of "occult", I think of the use of magic and demons. Danny Phantom, on the other hand from what my brain can possibly remember, was more on ...