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  1. Best Wishes Season 2 Episode N - Episode 1 & 2 Review

    But first off, what did I think of the OP and ED?

    What I thought of the OP theme?

    Needless to say, I liked it much, MUCH better than the previous opening. The second half of the song sounded much better and the epic scenes made up for an awesome opening. I mean, Achroma, Ghetsis, Team Plasma destroying a skyscraper, Charizard confronting Reshiram, N with Anthea and Concordia - it's highly promising. However, we have yet to see if BW will deliver in aspects of the Team ...
  2. Bulbauser headcanon

    Going off from the comment I made on my last blog, here are a few more Bulba headcanons for other users.

    • The Zexalians are aliens, hence why they connect with Yu-Gi-Oh! Sexal. (Because there are aliens and shit in that series.) They are like the borg, in that they can assimilate people.
      [* @System Error; is a cyborg. Some memories were removed in the process of becoming one, and that's why he doesn't remember The Miz is his twin. His blogs are
  3. Where are we all going?

    And how will we know when we're there?
  4. Trying to fill the dex is epic hard ;_;

    But I WILL fill the dex - all 649 pokemons no matter what!!

    I even went and got Genesect, there's no turning back!! XDD

  5. My kitten greeting me in the morning

    is about the cutest/best thing about getting up in the morning. I think I had something else to say alongside this blog, but I completely forgot it. That's not good at tall, I think? And what's stupid, I knew what it was but forgot it while typing the blog. Like, it's there one moment and gone the next.

    Screw memories.