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  1. Gained sentience during a dream

    Most of the time, I go through a dream without really knowing or caring that it isn't reality. While discussing the topic of dreams at school one day, my friend gave me some advice on how to know if it was a dream: bite your tongue. If there's no pain, it's probably a dream, and you can be made aware of that. Last night, I managed to do exactly that, and gained a self-awareness I usually don't possess during dreams. Unfortunately, it didn't do me much good. I wasn't able to manipulate anything that ...
  2. Harry Pottermon

    I'm not sure when this thought popped into my head, but I've been toying with it for a while. Basically, I started thinking about a Pokémon/Harry Potter crossover, and somehow my thoughts went towards both Pokémon types and the four houses of Hogwarts. What I specifically started thinking about was which types would go with which house. (Like I said, don't try to figure out how this thought started--just accept that it happened and go with it.) Here's what I got so far:


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  3. Bloody rating systems... Also, second blog

    Well, this blog, incase you can't tell, is going to be a tiny bit ranty. So, with that out of the way...

    Urg... That was annoying. As I went to check out the Bayonetta 2 bundle... Thing on e-Shop, it came up with the message "you can't veiw this product because you are underage" (or something like that.) Well, since I was actually looking foward to this game for a while, this made me pretty bloody annoyed. And that message shouldn't even have come up because, while I am ...
  4. Mmmmmm, saw a laptop for $150 today

    Windows 7, 4GB RAM, 700GB hard drive. Only problem is: battery doesn't hold charge. Pawn shops.

    Something to consider, though. Since, rarely unplug anyway.
  5. After watching the first three episodes of Kamen Rider Drive

    I think it's doing great, bringing a new concepts into the series, with almost everyone including the belt has a back storie.

    And why are people mad Drive uses a brace to Henshin, Kamen Rider Diend use a gun A FREAKIN GUN TO HENSHIN!!!!!!!

    Now since the secondary rider is a motorcycle them lets see what names I can come up for him or her.
    Kamen Rider Motor
    Kamen Rider Cycle
    Kamen Rider Turbo
    Kamen Rider Charge
    Kamen Rider Wheeler ...