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  1. dawnguard

    , 9th September 2012 at 04:46 PM (Tussle, ruckus and kerfuffle.)
    So I finally got Dawnguard yesterday, and you know, despite all the crazy vampire monster transformation stuff and the dawnguard faction itself, there's really only one thing that I got excited over... and that's the Huskies! The Huskies are cute and look cool. They're so much better than those shaggy muts in pre-Dawnguard Skyrim. They even have their own little leather-like jackets to protect themselves. I've taken Bran home to be my pet and protect my house with my housecarl >:I

  2. Should I make the thing I whipped up for the art contest official Y/N

    by , 9th September 2012 at 04:08 PM (The Live Wire)
    The theme is black and white, so I in my infamously untalented glory drewed the following for all the homies out there.

    Surprised that no one thought of this, though. And only one person made Zekrom and Reshiram.
  3. I'm becoming a spriter!

    by , 9th September 2012 at 03:47 PM (影の王 たそがれ)
    I'm now learning how to be a spriter! I've already have a few splices done.
  4. My super-duper happy fun-time EV training project, and them thar new-fangled YouTubes

    by , 9th September 2012 at 02:41 PM (The Warp Zone)
    Soz, I'm gonna EV train all the non-legendary Kanto Pokemon over on Black version. First up, ya know 'em, ya love 'em, they're the Bulbasaur family! Now, I'll need someone's 'saur to trade, breed, and trade back, but that aside, two questions are had.

    1) Special attacker or special wall?

    2) Overgrow or Chlorophyll?

    Also, I'm one of those crazy ol' Let's Players. The first "real" part of my first "real" LP is here. I must apologize ...
  5. My most liked posts

    by , 9th September 2012 at 02:05 PM (You said lol irl)
    I've already made a post about the likes I've given. Now it's time to appreciate those who have liked my posts. I have two posts that received a high amount of likes.

    This post regarding Bulbagarden being shut down for maintenance received 12 likes:

    I think I'll be spending Wednesday curled up in the fetal position, not knowing what to do with myself without Bulbagarden.
    This post about New York wanting to ban large drinking cup sizes received 11 likes: ...