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  1. Life, OMG OMG OMG OMG GEN 6 + other nonsense

    Well, after a tiring and stressful week of college I've come home for a week of "break" which is not really a break since I have to study for the upcoming exams. -.- And now, here I am, overwhelmed by the amount about news about gen VI.

    I mean, OMG aqsdfghjkl

    First off, the starters:

    - Chespin: Oshawott's cousin?
    - Fennekin: Absolutely amazing and adorable I LOVE IT <3
    - Froakie: I like it, I'm sure I'll grow to love it with time. ...
    Pokémon , My Life , Random
  2. I just realized the Gen 6 Logo is the same as Gen 2's.

    What does this mean?!
  3. 2nd Bulbaversery!!

    by , 11th January 2013 at 11:59 AM (Musings of an underpaid private)
    Yes, today marks my second year having a Bulbagarden account. It feels like I've been here longer though even though I don't post much. Too think I never planed on posting much after finishing up the first trades.

    Considering what I had to offer I'm surprised I was able to find someone willing. Also taking a look back, I can't believe I actually typed 2morrow. I also never made a topic in the The Garden Grotto to introduce myself.

    This year however I won't be spending ...
  4. Tribulations of Great Pokémon 16

    Another week came and gone, but here’s another entry to the Tribulations of Great Pokémon series! As I have stated last week, I will be looking at legendaries exclusively for this one and the next four entries of this series. However, Generation 1 doesn’t have too many of them, so some non-legendaries are added in to make it a bigger article. For every Pokémon in this article, their merits, weaknesses and tribulations will be explored, so let’s find out which Pokémon makes the cut this ...

    Updated 11th January 2013 at 10:15 AM by winstein

  5. The average BW, Johto, and DP episode

    1. Johto
    After helping a generic CotD with a problem Pokemon, they decided to help a generic CotD with a problem Pokemon. Team Rocket interrupts and captures the problem Pokemon. Ash rescues the problem Pokemon, and the Pokemon is no longer a problem. Then they leave, knowing that the Pokemon could easily become a problem due to the poor training of the Trainer.

    2. Diamond and Pearl
    After stopping to train for 4 episodes, Ash and co. meet Cynthia, who spits out generic and ...