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  1. Best Wishes Season 2 Episode N - Episode 5 "Review"

    I am so pissed at this episode that I'll make this real quick.

    This episode sucked, it plainly sucked.

    It's simply ridiculous how predictable and boring and badly written this episode was. Why is it that Meowth is the only one showing traces of old, true Meowth? Why are Jessie and James being so cold and serious and uninteresting even when they're blasting off and chasing Pikachu? Why couldn't the writers come up with a more original plot than rehash the old Roggenrolla ...
  2. That Red fight in the HGSS run...

    Oh my fucking Zeus.

    Sheer brilliance. In all other fights in every other run of a Pokemon game, you have a specific strat for each trainer. Against HG Red, you have a specific strat for each Pokemon. Shit is that intense.

    He also saved an hour and thirty seconds over last night's run in real time, and about half an hour in game time. Gat dayum.
  3. I AM OLD

    I'm like 1/3rd done with my life and that thought makes me sad.
  4. All but one of my friends are gone....

    I'm new to this blog thing so forgive me if I'm doing it wrong. It's been a year since the second to the last person I could call friend left bulbagarden. I'm talking about people who I talk to about other things than just pokemon and who said more than just chit chat. I still have one friend left but neither of us is all that talkative. Both of us prefer to be talked to, so our conversations tend to just end abruptly. So anyway for most of last year I spent confined to the trades threads. I had ...
  5. Interesting Article I Just Read