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  1. Just Life.

    by , Yesterday at 07:05 PM
    Just got done watching most of Neon Genesis Evangelion. The last two episodes made me go WTF though. What the heck did those mean? I'm completely lost .

    I think my Gameboy has screen rot, but I have no idea why. Maybe the heat got to it? Unfortunately, I can't find any screen replacements, so I'll probably end up having to buy another one. Oh well... It's unfortunate 'cuz my Gameboy has a lot of sentimental attachment. I've read that the Microvision also had major problems with ...
  2. Lemmie take a selfie...

    by , Yesterday at 06:22 PM
    Of course, we all know that awesome, epic, but slightly annoying song (?). I would call it some talking that makes no sense with some awesome background music, basically a half - song. It does describe everyday life, in the matters that we, in this 6th generation, do INDEED LOVE TO TAKE SELFIES!!!!! But there is no holding back the sudden urge to let loose when you hear these Aisian men talking about taking selfies ( Yes, believe it or not, these are men singing this hit new song, just look on you ...
  3. Today, I've been playing Europa Universalis 3.

    by , Yesterday at 06:05 PM (Mr. Nintendo's Leaks)
    I bought it during Steam Sales, and today, I decided to play as Portugal. Allied with Castille, I would fight a war against Morocco alongside Castille, but Castille did most of the work. I also started to colonize Africa, and I hope to colonize the Americas soon.

    I started in 1399, and right now, it is 1440.
  4. life updates

    by , Yesterday at 05:58 PM (death shark)
    i bought tortilla chips again today
    i cried a lot

    also i read some of tarkovsky's interviews, slept for a while, and ate a chesseburger.
    i am happy with my life?
  5. I just saw electric terrain for the first time

    by , Yesterday at 10:43 AM
    I'm battling Clemont right now in my 2nd run of Pokémon X and be just use it.

    That's my first time seeing that and it's looks pretty that's what I have to say.

    Please comment if you dare wish and goodbye.
    Pokèmon talk