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  1. A Shiny Easter gift.

    by , Today at 03:56 PM
    I'm so happy. While EV training some Pokémon for my good buddy @Megavictini;, I came across a Shiny Cubchoo in a horde. I managed to catch it in a Luxury Ball. I might post some pics later. It's my own little Easter polar bear :)
  2. Cute little kitty kat

    by , Today at 02:41 PM
    My. Kat. Is. Kute. To. The. Max. He has been with us for a year... We got him as a stray, or, he got us. He is a pixybob, and is losing some of his hair on the backend. We think he has mange, not fun. But he is dumb, and cute. Now only if he would take a selfie...
  3. XY21: Time to Debut! Pokevision with Serena and Fennekin!

    by , Today at 02:12 PM
    An episode where I have a problemwith it:
    -The epsiode is in paper fine. Serena is the character that promotes making videos and the episode looks a lot fun in general.

    If she is doing a video, I suspect that she will be done a video about her pokemon, Fennekin.

    The episode is about Serena wanting to make a video because she saw some Odol with her Pokemon. She makes various scenes of the video, which include two dresses (one ofr fanservice, another for being ...

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  4. Last Day of Break

    by , Today at 12:26 PM (Blog of Life)
    Well, looks like the last day of Spring Break is here for me. Was nice while it lasted, but I'll miss sleeping in.

    Probably should have devoted some time towards my History project, but ah well. Always have the next weekend to not do it.
  5. PokeCommunity Is Making Me Uncomfortable

    by , Today at 11:16 AM (Madea's Big Happy Family)
    The reason why I haven't been going to Bulbagarden as much is because I've been going to PokeCommunity. It's because there's more off-topic discussions than Bulbagarden. However, now I would like to spend more time here and less time there.

    I'm feeling uncomfortable there for various reasons:
    1. This is the big one: People there are way too random. Most of the thread titles are failed attempts at humor. I'm not into Internet memes and I'd rather talk seriously. I'm a very serious ...
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