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  1. Oopsies

    Almost forgot that I go by Leanne now. At least, on the internet. Of course, I still go by Moose, but, I needed a name for when I can start transitioning and stuff, so Leanne will do :D
    It'll be a doozie explaining stuff like this to friends at school though, not like I expect them to respect what I want to be called nor do I expect that they'd respect my pronouns, but anyway, yeah.
  2. Guess I might as well, with the bandwagon and all...

    Normal - Eevee
    Fire - Darmanitan
    Fighting - Lucario
    Water - Oshawott
    Flying - Talonflame
    Grass - Grovyle
    Poison - Seviper
    Electric - Luxio
    Ground - Excadrill
    Psychic - Kirlia
    Rock - Kabutops
    Ice - Lapras
    Bug - Heracross
    Dragon - Salamance
    Ghost - Aegislash
    Dark - Zoroark
    Steel - Magnezone
    Fairy - Wigglytuff
  3. A wild BANDWAGON appeared!?

    Bug - Volcarona
    Dark - Houndoom
    Dragon - Latias
    Electric - Luxray
    Fairy - Gardevoir
    Fight - Blaziken
    Fire - Ninetales
    Flying - Talonflame
    Grass - Ludicolo
    Ground - Gastrodon
    Ice - Glaceon
    Normal - Stoutland
    Poison - Venusaur
    Psychic - Espeon
    Rock - Aurorus
    Steel - Steelix/Mega Steelix
    Water - Walrien
    Ghost - Golurk
  4. Wait, there's a bandwagon?

    Wait for mee... *jumps on bandwagon*

    Normal- Skitty
    Fire- Ninetails
    Fighting- Pangoro
    Water- Lanturn
    Flying- Togekiss
    Grass- Sceptile
    Poison- Dragalge
    Electric- Luxray
    Ground- Garchomp
    Psychic- Espeon
    Rock- Aerodactyl
    Ice- Weavile
    Bug- Volcarona
    Dragon- Giratina
    Ghost- Rotom
    Dark- Sableye
    Steel- Mawile
    Fairy- Gardevoir
  5. -Being dragged from the rear end of the bandwagon-. Wait for me!

    Might as well..eh?

    Normal - Snorlax
    Grass - Sceptile
    Fire - Infernape
    Water - Feraligatr
    Dragon - Dragonite
    Ice - Weavile
    Dark - Umbreon
    Psychic - Alakazam
    Fairy - Togekiss
    Flying - Swellow
    Poison - Nidoking
    Steel - Steelix
    Rock - Rampardos
    Ground - Donphan
    Ghost - Mismagius
    Bug - Heracross
    Fighting - Mienshao
    Electric - Electivire