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  1. Schedule is so dead

    by , Yesterday at 06:46 PM (The Live Wire)
    Need to get an all-nighter going to fix it soon.

    Though that requires retaining entertainment for all those hours. Not the easiest thing in the world.
  2. Pokemon Headcanon: Steel Type Analysis

    by , Yesterday at 06:45 PM
    Steel types are similar to Rock types in my view, because I think that like how Rock types probably wear suits of rock armor, Steel types wear metal armor. Steel types, by definition, have metallic parts to their bodies and use that metal to their advantage in battle. Magnemite being changed to half Steel type makes sense because it is covered in metal armor. Of course this also means Magenemite could have fleshy parts under all of that. The wiki states that they are one of the best defensive types, ...

    Updated Yesterday at 07:50 PM by reynard

  3. Why is Bulbagarden Afraid of Keeping Up With the Times?

    by , Yesterday at 06:20 PM
    Bulbagarden has been stuck in the past for some time now. If WiFi isn't your primary option, you're looked down upon. I don't want to waste countless hours in-games looking for Pokemon, breeding them, training them, and then finally using the team and finding it doesn't work. I also wouldn't want to build a team that I would end up using for one or two battles and never use again. Its a waste of time and its pointless. Battling on WiFi is a thing of the past now. With a wider access to the internet, ...
  4. updates and stupid stuff

    by , Yesterday at 04:54 PM (this is the end.)
    hello everyone! its been a while since i posted anything, mostly because of school and having to do a lot of work and studying for it. i'm currently on a three day weekend, so i get a little break.

    anyway, i just wanted to say some updates about what's been going on in my private life. a lot of people (mostly my close friends) may now that i have been on medication for my depression, anxiety, and bi-polar disorder since... december i believe. after some duds, it seems to be working ...
  5. Cleverbot is a tsundre joker who requests to be buried in the snow with a spoon

    by , Yesterday at 04:00 PM (Blogmodio- the life of a Modio)
    User: Cleverbot, tell me a joke.

    Cleverbot: I enjoy your company.

    User: ;_; No Cleverbot a question and answer joke.

    Cleverbot: Oh I see, that makes sense now.

    User: So, tell me your best joke!

    Cleverbot: Joke?

    User: Joke. Yes, like Why did the Chicken Cross The Road?

    Cleverbot: To get to the chicken shop?

    User: Why would he even need to go to the chicken shop?

    Cleverbot: ...