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  1. Update on Kieran the Cruel

    Last night, Ashley shared me some news about Kieran, which surprised me because I didn't think Ashley cared about it. Ashley had talked to one of his Facebook friends, who has a friend in England who goes to the same university as Kieran. Apparently, it turns out that Kieran has found himself a new victim. He's been tormenting this black girl who is in one of his classes - not during class, but around the campus. As it turns out, this girl's parents are from Nigeria, and she's a Muslim. According ...
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  2. Changes

    No Crossover Battle today. That got pushed back to next week. Schedule is generally unchanged except for that, although some other things might happen/not happen as originally planned.

    Anyway, astute readers may have noticed a little change on my profile from a Latios to a Gardevoir.

    I'm... not quite trans. I'm bigender. Some days I feel male. Some days I feel female. They're sort of different from each other in personality, but they're still the same person. It's ...
  3. Pokemon Black 2 Report: Ate breakfast, went to the Gym, and saved Unova!

    After some more level grinding for my now 18-Pokemon rotation until Thursday, I marched into Marlon's Gym with my team of Virizion, Chagall (male Whimsicott), Martina (female Ampharos), Cecilia (female Altaria), Thundrus, and Octavius (starter male Oshawott), and came out victorious!

    Caught and befriended a Terrakion, took out the goons from Team Plasma, took out Colress, and finally took out Ghetsis all from yesterday to today! Special thanks to the following boys and girls: ...
  4. Do Your Bloody Research

    I can see you rolling your eyes already – bear with me here. I recently started reading Mahou Sensei Negima!, mostly out of curiosity about a reputedly trope-overdosed fantasy manga. Now the manga as a whole I'm finding fine if not particularly clever – not a bad thing to browse first thing in the morning while I wait for the coffee to wake me up.

    According to the TV Tropes page, the protagonist is a ten-year old prodigy from Wales. His name? Negi Springfield.

    Really? ...
  5. Using More than One Mega Evolution in Future Gens?

    The Mega Evolution mechanic, which debuted this gen, is perhaps the most innovative game-play feature ever introduced for the Pokemon series. With Mega Evolution, Game Freak was able to give a Pokemon more base stat points - an especially attractive feature for lower base stat Pokemon like Sableye -, a different ability, and/or a different typing. Some Pokemon that have not been used often in the competitive scene prior to Gen VI were given new life because of their Mega Evolved forms, including ...

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