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  1. Who is the bigot?

    Today was a giant leap for the humankind to me. A vegan girl blocked me from twitter and a feminist girl deleted me from facebook.

    The vegan girl tweeted something about hating catholicism for putting mankind over other species. I pointed that "putting my own species over the others" it's not a catholic trait. Not even a human trait, actually, but something most species apply. I didn't say "good" or "bad", I just said that "it is". But she felt ...
  2. All For Chesnaught

    So last time I gave Venusaur a blog entry, completing the Kanto Starter Trifecta. Well, so far I'm 2 for 3 on the Kalos starters, so time to complete the set.

    The truth is that I just don't get as excited with the Grass-type starters as I do with the others. (Sceptile is the exception, which I may cover at a later date.) Case in point: in Pokémon Y, I started with Froakie, thus ensuring that I would also get Fennekin. I would eventually get Chespin from my sister (she started with ...
  3. Atlas: Fairies and Folklore

    Fair warning readers, this post will be one long set of spoilers for Chapter Thirteen of my fanfic!

    I've had a certain fascination with folklore for a while now. Britain has a long history of colliding cultures and belief systems. The isles were never fully Romanized in the way that France and Spain were. When Christianity swept the Roman Empire, it may have started in York, but the old “pagan” beliefs were never really stamped out. They lived on, altered to as not to be straight-up ...

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  4. I think my father has an undiagonsed mental disorder

    Okay, before I vent here, here's a short backstory, not sure if I ever vented about my father here, but he was born in Malaysia, and didn't come to Australia until somewhere in his twenties with his family, and my mother's Australian so I was born in Australia. They were together when me and my sister were born, and split up when I was like 23 (I am 26 now).

    Now, my father has always kinda been an asshole, he used to drink a lot and everything, but he stopped that after his heart ...
  5. The 3rd Best And 3nd Worst of Flying Pokemon

    might wanna go read the first one if you haven't already

    The (3rd) Best

    [not linking to