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  1. Carbon (I'm weird)

    Why do I love this so much XD ?! It's so stupid, yet somehow amazing. So anyways, I've become obsessed with cheesy, annoying, and very weird educational cartoons ._.
  2. omg swet 16

    by , 28th March 2013 at 07:33 PM (I Finally Figured Out How to Change the Title of My Blog)
    So today I turned sixteen years old. As an early present over the week-end, my mom got me a puppy to be a little companion for me, whom I named Stucco, as I detailed in a blog the day I first got him. But today was the big day. I woke up to like eleventy billion notifications on this here site, and then I had the idea to go through the school day with as girly and fruity a balloon as possible. I managed to get a black-and-pink "Sweet 16" balloon complete with sparkles and tiara, and my ...
  3. don't read

    Hello there! Sourcandy here~

    Do you know who I am? Awesome! You have no idea? Still, great~

    There's something I've come to realize, I have been for over two years. I post quite frecuently-mostly in just one forum, but still- yet, I don't have anyone here I can call a close friend. I have been wondering why for quite a while and I have to the conclusion that it is me who pushes people away.

    Antisocial. Yes, I guess that fits me. But no, that's not why ...
  4. prom theme

    My prom theme is Sakura.
    Its going to be fun.
  5. Well that was pleasant

    When trying to go to EB to try to see if FE13 is among the shipments - something I plan to do for the next week or two for spite - I got hungry and decided to eat at McDonalds. I tried the value meal. And not only was it affordable, a nice old lady randomly gave me $10. I had a fiver left over after.

    So yeah, wasn't expecting either. Was expecting no game, but hey. Whatever, there's always tomorrow! It's not that far off now that I look at it either - it's only about a ten to fifteen ...