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  1. so I just got my laptop back and I had a weird dream

    I just finished a ridiculous scavenger hunt for my laptop which my younger sister prepared. I actually expected it to last longer like the whole day but it was easier than I expected. She made a bunch of clues like it was the Amazing Race or something lol. Oh and she hid my 3DS too. I basically had to just walk around the house looking for strips of paper. Well now that that's over with...

    Guys, I woke up today with a really weird dream. I'm not a whovian but I want to be but I've ...
  2. My birthday

    I want to thank all of you who had wished me a happy birthday today. I got from my family gift cards to my favorite tool store and best buy, a watch, a big Maglite flashlight, and a lot of COOKIES. needless to say i had a great birthday
  3. im doing it again


    im losing it i swear to god i am

    vague blogs are vague for good reasons

    i dont

    i dont even know how to feel anymore

    crying has become a part of my daily routine so now when im sad i dont even care anymore

    im pushing away help because i dont need it and all you need to know is im fine and thats all sayonara goodnight

    im going to pretend to fall asleep now
  4. Free game

    Because of the SimCity fiasco, I get a free game from EA.

    So, out of these games, what should I get?:

    Battlefield 3
    Mass Effect 3
    Dead Space 3
    Medal of Honor Warfighter
    Need for Speed Most Wanted
    Bejeweled 3

    I did not include Plants VS Zombies or SimCity 4 because I already own them both.
  5. i feel old

    June 7th i gradute from high school
    Gahhhhhhhhhhhh i don't feel like a senior
    does any body have a time machine i could borrow?
    If so i would redo my whole high school carrer
    real life stuff