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  1. WhaleTalk#4 A New-Type Blog not about Fairies

    So Nintendo's version of E3 has come and gone, and the new type has been confirmed. But this blog isn't about that type. It's here to tell you your hopes for types the majority do want aren't completely crushed. I would talk about a Light-Type, but there's no evidence for that. So instead, here's one with evidence.

    Sound. A type that would fit in even better than Fairy. While not an actual type, multiple Pokémon might as well be it with their designs and moves based off of it. There's ...
  2. back from vacation in branson missouri

    by , 16th June 2013 at 05:35 PM (the diary of your average nintendo-sony fanboy)
    and that's why i didn't post for a while, because i was on vacation WITHOUT wifi and my parents wouldn't let me use 3g/4g *facepalms*

    The newborn pup that was found was taken to live with my uncle, who will take great care of her, I'm sure.

    To be honest, I didn't think it'd be that quick. xD
  4. Explination of my signature #3

    SInce i was not able to be on the compute last week due to some techincal issue, i wasn't able to post about my signatures last week which really made some people disappointed because this is everyone's favorite new blog series. THis siganture was from the dummys series of signs titled " LOW FLYING DUMMYS"

    this one features Dark Pit AKA Pitoo. he is used because after i watched those semi painfull to ...
  5. My Views On How The Fairy Type Should Influence The XY Anime

    #1- Please bring back Tracey and Misty with Fairy-type Azurill families.

    #2- Please bring back Jigglypuff. Maybe for a twist, it's actually a recurring threat, kinda like Sandile/Krokorok. Hey, they did something similar with Team Rocket.

    #3- Please bring back Brock with a new fairy type (Chansey may also be a Fairy-type).

    #4- Please make Fairy types more mysterious (meaning no one outside of Kalos should know their weaknesses and strengths immediately, ...