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  1. Pokémemes of the Week (22/3/13)

    It's a bit late, I know.

    Due to reactions to my last post, I'm not going to log any of our progress in the Atlantis Project here. No more shall be said about it on BMGf.

    Anyway, let's get on with it.

  2. DuckTales Remastered

    I only really need to say three words to say how awesome this is gonna be: SWIMMABLE MONEY PIT

    Dig the trailer
  3. Whoring out the Inner Eye

    Winter's Fortune Telling Service is back in business! Curious about what the future holds, who your next lover will be or what kind of horrific way you're going to die?
    Then placate me with an offering of Oreos, tea or pictures of sea lions, and your fate will become clear.
  4. A Fond Farewell to 90 Years of Enjoyment - Goodbye to the BBC

    The BBC, the British Broadcasting Company, are the people responsible for creating television as we know it and also responsible for allowing the broadcast of hundreds of internationally known television programmes that have been enjoyed not just by the people of the United Kingdom but I'm sure people in other countries. It is today that they close the doors of their British Broadcasting Centre in the heart of London and this may not sound too tragic to many of you but to me, it is. The BBC building ...
  5. prom

    My senior prom is may 11th and i am taking glitchipedia
    My prom is my last school dance

    I all ready have the dress and make up jewerly
    i will get the tickets when they go on sale