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  1. Not sure if this is a reoccurring dream or not.

    I had a dream where there were these pokemon commercials, in which an Irish person with a cartoonish accent played pokemon with a Scottish person with a cartoonist accent and they smack talked pretty viciously. One was played in each country and had that native win. One had two kids on a plane, which seems bratty considering how loud their smack talk was. One had two hip young 20 something's chilling out in a basement. I don't know which one was which. It seems kinda sneaky using nationalism to ...
  2. Sapphire Nuzlocke - Part 17: What Lurks in the Sand!

    I'm finally going into the desert of Route 111! What awaits me within the flying sand? See for yourself!

  3. Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie (second trailer)

    So a few days ago James Rolfe, the guy who plays the Angry Video Game Nerd, uploaded the second trailer to his new, independent movie, and...

    ...it looks so frigging cheesy and awesome! It's cheesawesome!

    With that said:

  4. overprotective mom is overprotective

    my mom now says that I can't post ANYTHING related to violence, shooting, nuking, blowing up, destroying, killing, attacking, setting on fire, suicide, death etc. AT ALL because "the government doesn't have a sense of humor and will come after us if if continue this nonsense"
    and if I don't stop, she will take away my wifi (and all my computers) FOR GOOD!
    that means I can't do anything on any forum anymore.
    I wish I didn't have such an overprotective ...

    Updated 18th July 2014 at 01:07 PM by return of ROMCH

  5. Sailor Moon versus counterfeit Tuxedo Mask

    In my latest Sailor Moon review, Nephrite gets really, really creepy and Tuxedo Mask strikes several poses. Also, why this show is better than an episode of Ninja Turtles I saw as a kid and barely remember.