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  1. Other tweaks (SPOILERS AHOY!)

    There are spoilers in here, so click to see them:


    Updated 16th November 2014 at 10:16 AM by LightningTopaz

    Ideas , Through Sapphire Skies
  2. Question to PSP Owners

    I am going to say upfront that this is referring to the original PlayStation Portable. Jesus, it's been a long time since I've blogged as well...

    Oh, the question, LOL.

    I will be getting a PSP in the near future; I'd like to know what your favorite games are and why. The two games I ordered for it are from Japan; they won't be arriving for a while.
  3. South Korea knows how to Pokémon!

    This was too funny not to share.

    tl;dr (seriously there are only like five sentences in this article); South Korea was planning some Pokémon parades to celebrate its Pokémon World Champs win earlier this year, but apparently so many people wanted to celebrate that they had to cancel the parades due to safety concerns. And so the Pikachu costumes that were went to Seoul for these parades were sent for naught.

    Honestly, I'm still stuck on the fact they were planning ...
  4. No electricity for half the day

    Today I was playing Grand Theft Auto V Online and doing fine until a stupid blackout came, almost as if the darn electric company did it on purpose. Anyhow I wasted half the day listening to music on my MP3 (yes people still have those, or at least poor people do) but then after a looong time did the electric power came back. I also put on fire some toilet paper and I didn't like it so I guess I ain't a pyromaniac*.

    * Do NOT set anything on fire in your house, school, work place etc. ...
  5. Showing My Work: Prologue Arc

    Hey, this is the first in a series of posts that basically just break down some of the genius bonuses and real world inspirations for Vaira: The Legacy of Cyrus. This covers the prologue through three, so if you haven't finished those and don't want to be spoiled, stop here.


    Cyrus' speech in the prologue is rather political and is largely meant to define his ideology as an extreme version of Environmental Possibilism, or the idea that humanity can alter the ...