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  1. Was yup to like 4 last night waiting for someone to beat a game

    Good news is, they did it!!! Bad news is...well, I was up till 4 in the morning.

    Oh well I got up at a decent hour anyway, so it's not that big a deal. In the bigger picture.
  2. One year Bulbaversary.

    And so, on this day one year ago, I joined...(dun dun DUN) BULBAGARDEN FORUMS.
    I'm not on here too much anymore >.>, I've been drawing. A LOT. I'll be more active once X and Y comes out, as I haven't been in a total Pokemon-crazy mood recently.
    Just gonna leave this here.
  3. Smogon and pokemon showdown are working for me >:(

  4. Competitive online battling

    Hey everyone.

    Ok so I have only battled online 5 times. I was destroyed in every battle. Truly demolished. I've been playing the games since Red and Blue but not until after my first run through of White had I ever felt the desire to get involved in competitive battling. Needless to say, I have a lot to learn. I started by wrapping my head around EVs and IVs. Having successfully EV trained 6 Pokemon so far, I feel quite comfortable with it. I figure the next step should be to learn ...
  5. WhaleTalk#2 The Games are Designed to Annoy

    Let's face it, the Pokémon games are designed to annoy you. Why? Let's see....Want this epic Pokémon? Trade it first to evolve! Finally get through a Zubat-filled cave without flash and all your Pokémon in the red? Your rival wants to battle as soon as you get out! Hate the Safari Zone? All the rarest, best Pokémon are only found inside. Just yesterday I was looking for a rediculously rare Oshawott in PMD, and I stumble upon a room altered so only they appear. The catch? It's a dungeon where ...