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  1. An Experiment of sorts: Sally the Troll Hunter

    This hasn't be Grammer checked, Spell checker or read over, so errors are to be expected. This is typed with no planning what so ever.
    So I can't write anything. Well, I just wrote something, but I can't write anything productive. So I'm just typing this out write now, no planning, just typing. See I've just hit a mental block. Yep still there. Why am I even doing thing. Perhaps after a while something will come, a great thick spurt of creative juice and that was a bad metaphor right there. ...

    Updated 23rd August 2013 at 02:20 PM by Squeaky the sixth

  2. Hmmm wow

    Me and my crazy backwards schedule. Getting up at midnight sharp no matter when I sleep. Also do not ask why I waited three hours to post this. Just don't.
  3. PokéHunngry Community -another pokemon fan site


    [I][FONT=Verdana][SIZE=5][COLOR="Red"]Welcome to PokéHunngry Forums![/CENTER][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/I]

    We're having a Staff Application Drive in which we're looking for some Moderators and PHRPG Staff. [URL="http://www.pokehunngry.com/forum-news-announcements/945-staff-application-drive-2-a.html"]Click here to apply for a position![/URL]

    [B][I][SIZE=5]Discuss Pokémon X & ...
  4. Am I a bigger idiot for caring?

    So, the new XY anime teaser is out and I look at the top comment which says:

    Not gonna lie. I am more excited for the Pokemon Origins.

    And I'm just like ... I can't believe they're doing this. Will The Origin fans use this opportunity to check out every single Pokemon anime video to crap all over Ash in order to praise Red and the TV special? I can't even express in words how much I am annoyed right now, and then I start wondering, should I just stop caring? How do I stop ...
  5. Have you ever disliked a Pokémon

    and then you suddenly started liking it? It is weird, but it happened to me some days ago. I used to dislike Feraligatr, because I always found it kinda ugly, but now I think it looks pretty damn cool! ._.? I think I have personality issues.

    Cool, right?