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  1. You know what would be HILARIOUS?

    If there was a puzzle league sequel but it was still based on the anime and no one watches the anime anymore. It would be even more Hilarious if they had characters from all eras of the anime "Yeah Pokemon puzzle league this game was my jam. Who the hell is this purple haired emo? RAAAR!" A conservative character list would be 22 Characters I checked and I made shitting guess on what three pokemon would be chosen:

    1. Ash (Pikachu, Froakie, Charizard)
    2. Brock (Steelix ...
  2. Pokemon/Law & Order: SVU Crossover Idea

    I had another crossover idea I had in mind. This one is a crossover between human Pokemon anime characters in a Law & Order: SVU setting. None of the characters wear headgear.

    Here are my character ideas (Name of Law & Order: SVU characters in parenthesis)

    - Ash (Elliott Stabler)
    - May (Olivia Benson)
    - Gary (John Munch)
    - Brock (Fin Tutuola)
    - Hilda (Alex Cabot)
    - Drew (Dr. George Huang)
    - Misty (Amanda Rollins) ...
  3. A long week has ended with a happy note!

    If you have been following my blogs, you know that I have social anxiety. Well, I made a small conquering of it yesterday. I have been relatively happy today and yesterday after a long and tiring week of hoping to die in my sleep.

    I had a ton of homework, from linear algebra to writing a 4 page proof in set theory, all the way to writing a java program for HPC that was complicated. I had a hard time emotionally and mentally. Yesterday, a friend of mine asked if I wanted to go see ...
  4. I love Delphox, but...

    Some people may disagree with me but, Emboar was a way better fire-type starter Pokemon than Delphox, at least it could actually "fight" against most of the Pokemon it's weak to.
  5. Goodbye.

    No, I'm not leaving BMGf for good. Well, not yet. I'm just going away to Donegal for the weekend. I'm also performing on the piano in a local restaurant. A chance to finally flaunt my jazzy rendition of the 'The Apprentice' theme.
    See ya.