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  1. Superbowl: the statistics

    So yeah I read this in the paper today, it was a few facts about how much food was bought on superbowl Sunday:

    1,200 calories eaten during the game
    50,000,000 cases of beer sold
    $7.4 billion dollars spent on snacks
    8,000,000 pounds of guacamole consumed
    Antacids sales increased 20% the next day
    1.25 billion chicken wings eaten
    Dominos and pizza hut sold 29,000,000 slices of pizza.

    Dunno about you lot but that's quite ...
  2. Pokemon League Challenge at my university!

    Here's something cool I want to share with all of you:

    These are the badges from the very first Pokemon League Challenge my university held this past Saturday (it was initially ten gym but we combine two with two others):
    Gamers' Guild - Water
    HighLANder Gaming - Dragon
    Go Club and Chess Club - Dark and Psychic
    Cosplay Brigade - Fairy
    Anime Club - Electric
    Origami Club and Starving Artists - Grass and Flying ...
  3. The Coke Superbowl Commercial


    Oh for the love of God, the ignorance in this country is fucking ridiculous. First of all, it's not even our National Anthem you morons. Second of all, what the fuck is speak American?? Last time I checked, it was English. This just pissed me the fuck off. How the hell are people gonna take a beautiful commercial and ruin it with ignorant comments like this ....if you were born here or your a citizen, YOU ARE AMERICAN, it's as simple as that. There are no if, ...
  4. The Superbowl in a nutshell

  5. Just need to beat Enuo in FF5 Solo Cannoneer

    Easier said than done, though. Yeah, Omega Mck-ii was a chump, and Neo Shinryu I had a solid strategy for. But this guy, he's just a douche and a half. That second AI routine is just brutal. So very brutal. Even with the counterattack trick, I still need a bit of luck to dodge all his BS.

    But, only a matter of time...