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  1. C2? Blaaah I'm lost!

    It seems I got made comod of a C2 on Fanfiction.net. Right here if you want to look.

    And so basically I need suggestions and links. If you have a fic on there about an underappreciated Pokémon character, let me know.
  2. *sigh*

    I have ADHD, badly. I was diagnosed when I was 6.

    I think it fucks people up socially more than it's given credit. I work at a Starbucks as most of you know, and honestly? I don't fit in. I don't think I ever have. Tonight a lady came in and talked with the girl I was working with about WoW, and it was weird. I realized that's because usually when people talk at my store, I just smile and nod or busy myself with cleaning. No one ever talks about geeky stuff. I mean, it's a Starbucks ...
  3. Hoo hah.

    I'm taking the SAT tomorrow morning. >=D

    EDIT: And I'm back. That was easily one of the most fun tests ever (yeah I thought it was fun, how many people can honestly say that. lol).

    I say that test taught me...
    - When a GPS road map tells you to turn left, turn right.
    - How slow I am when I write in cursive, I haven't done it in years. ._.;
    - How much I've come to hate wood pencils since discovering the light of mechanical pencils years ago. I ...

    Updated 6th December 2008 at 03:43 PM by Armads

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  4. Warcraft

    Hell yeah WoW! I'm playing a warlock and it's total easy mode.
  5. Another message to my dear old laptop:


    Oh my God, that felt so good!