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  1. My first blog. Hooray I guess. (All about Snart)

    I'm sure a lot of you know who I am as I'm decently well known here. So I've been here for over half a year and never cared to make a blog. So, here's a blog. More to come if I feel like it...

    Anyway if you would like to know anything about me, I'm an otaku student thing that enjoys video games and anime tremendously as you probably already. I've had to deal with some shit in my life such as bullying and self-isolation until recently. I was never really lonely though, video games, ...

    Updated 13th February 2015 at 10:24 PM by Lord Dragelsnart

  2. Lion King > Frozen

    A friend of mine came over to my house today. She'd never watched The Lion King, so I saw it as an opportunity to show her that masterpiece of animation and also give myself an excuse to rewatch it myself. I don't care that Frozen managed to make more money, because as far as I'm concerned, this movie's better in every way.

    For one, it had more than just ONE song that people liked. Frozen's got "Let it Go", and that's just about it. The rest of em are just ignored or parodied ...
  3. A Month of Outlaw Star: Fan Work Spotlight #18!



    "A Sweet Surprise" by Shads-Pics

    For the last day of Outlaw Star Month, I present to everyone a piece of fan art not unlike the first one I showcased at the start of the month. However, considering a certain holiday that takes place tomorrow, I felt it was fitting to share another tribute of my favorite pairing of all time. This picture in particular ...
    Fan Work Spotlight
  4. Good news is, I got some Amiibos

    Bad news is, I didn't find any Ike ones. I didn't get the date completely wrong, but couldn't find any at all. Even at Toys 'R Us, which had everything else! They literally didn't get them in.

    Fuck Amiibo. Seriously. Guess I'm buying online...
  5. A question, because I'm a little confused.

    When Masuda had said that they planned on "wrapping up X/Y in a big/interesting/unique way", was he referring to the connections and references that are made in ORAS? Or was he talking about something else that would be made? I guess I'm confused because I've heard both being said, but I'm not entirely sure which one it is.

    If there's one thing that drives me nuts about this fandom, is that it has a tendency to take everything that's said and interpret it whichever way they ...