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  1. Screw Pokemon Bank

    So I go to Pokemon Bank to collect a Pokemon to trade. I had been letting my BP build up and was currently at 85 BP. Since I was in a rush I accidentally selected to take 851 Pokemiles which are useless piles of dog feces. I then cried because this was 6 months of BP just gone in less than a second. Like why wasn't there a "Are you sure want to take 851 Pokemiles" prompt? I swear to God Gamefreak.

    I had so many plans for that BP. Luckily, @Neosquid ...

    Updated 7th July 2014 at 10:30 PM by Jolene

  2. Housing Situation Tying My Stomach In Knots

    So as some of you know I'm a University Student, and I've just completed my first year.

    I had arranged to live with a group of 3(2 girls one other guy) really nice people next year and I was so happy and so looking forward to it, for once in my life everything seemed perfect, this should have been the first clue, if it's too good to be true it usually is.

    So it turns out the other guy, has an anger problem. I can't say there wasn't warning signs, twice during the year, ...
  3. Aegislash--Two-Way Battling

    Swords are cool. No denying that. Shields are also cool. One might, therefore, say that combining the two makes for more coolness.

    Thus, Aegislash was born.

    I have to admit, when I first heard that there would be a possessed-sword Pokémon, I started to wonder what kind of drugs TPTB were on. Or if they simply liked creating Pokémon that were as bizarre as possible. Then I saw Aegislash. Then I started using him in battle. And I haven't said anything bad about him ...

    Updated 27th July 2014 at 06:28 AM by DracoMan

  4. Thoughts on: My Hometown and Death

    Okay so I'm not allowed to sleep until 9pm (aka staying awake for 24 hours) so I'm sat here at 7am with nothing to do after playing Ocarina of Time and Sims 2 all night and listening to the Sound track to All Star Battle - I sound like I live breathe and sleep Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, but actually I finally get to play the game next week on my Dad's ps3 after owning the game for months (yeah, I have a ps3 game but not a ps3. Go figure.)

    Speaking of my Dad, he'll be driving ...
  5. Music to Drink Coffee to: The Acacia Strain

    Hey, guys! It's been quite a while since I've been on bmgf, but since it's summer, I finally have some time to unwind! In this post I will be talking about The Acacia Strain! Here is a pic of the bros.


    The Acacia Strain are a Metal band that formed in 2001 in Chicopee, Massachusetts(they were formerly a band named Septic Orgasm). The Acacia Strain are a very prolific band, having released 6 studio albums, ...