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  1. This Is Histeracal

    I love reading the comments on Pokemon related YouTube videos.

    I hope I am not offending anyone one here- sorry if I am. I just find comments like these funny.
  2. Damn you 3DS battery life

    I heard there's batteries from like China and stuff though, which last like 10 hours compared to the hunk of junk that is 3DS original battery. I swear, half the reason why I'm advancing through XY so slowly is because of the battery life. Though playing online doesn't really help...BUT IT'S SO MUCH MORE FUN.

    Oh well. Here's till nothing till Monday.
  3. Well, leaving tomorrow.

    No internet until Monday. But hopefully not, or if not that, hopefully I can get internet SOMEWHERE so I can keep aware of whether I'm meeting someone else or not.

    Hey, it'll let me do some things I've been needing to do for a while, at least! Maybe.
  4. 5 years

    That's a long time. 5 years ago, I joined this wonderful forum. And I've enjoyed every minute of it.

    Continue being awesome Bulbagarden!

    Time to drop dem mentions!
    @Ash Ketchum.;
    @Grass Type Warrior;
    @J J M;
    @Kite Austin;
    @Princess of Hoenn; ...
  5. Hey nerds

    edit: Just gonna check a few things, read some threads, finish this story, and maybe watch Coven before I go to bed. See you all in the morning!

    Important blog section stuff ahead. But first, I'll tell you some things which you'll have to read because I attached it to this info. (Unless you just skim or something.)

    I want a catchphrase. Something that could naturally be inserted into a conversation without seeming weird, but still recognizable. Think "You've got that wrong" ...

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